Grace Hopper Google Doodle, 9th December 2013

Google’s 9th December Doodle: ‘Amazing’ Grace Hopper

Google’s latest doodle displays a woman at her desk, sitting before a rather mammoth-sized, ancient looking computer. The woman featured is American computer Scientist and US Navy Captain Grace Hopper, creator of the Cobol Computer Language. Google have decided to honour her today on what would have been her 107th birthday.

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Barclays Bank Limited - Photo by Dominic Alves

Anrgy Barclays Customers leave following Libor Scandal

Following the Barclays scandal, it has now emerged that practically all the global banks are under investigation for manipulating the interest rate at which they lend to each other, in order to protect themselves from losses and bolster their profits in derivatives trading.

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Dentist - Photo by sj_sanders

Financial fear of the dentist worse than the drill

It used to be a fear of the dentist that kept us away from the dental chair but today it is more than twice as likely to be the cost of dental care that’s holding us back, according to research from Tesco Bank.

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Austerity - Photo by 401(K) 2013

Unions support industrial action over austerity cuts

Well what a couple of years it has been…

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Man with credit card - Photo by Wonderlane

The holy grail of credit cards

We all rely on some sort of credit these days. Sure, there are some lucky folks who live in the black, but for most of us there are at least a few days or weeks out of each month when our overdrafts or credit cards are a lifesaver. Whether you use your credit card every day or once a week, low interest credit cards make life even easier still.

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Mobile masts - Photo by fsse8info

UK Mobile firms failing over coverage

UK mobile phone customers are not being given a fair deal or sufficient information about cancelling contracts if they run into coverage problems, a study by the Communications Consumer Panel has found.

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UK economic growth revised up to 0.3%

ONS Stats

According to stats from the ONS the UK economy grew by 0.3% in the final three months of last year, more than estimated previously.

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