Expressing Yourself With Great Design

Looking for a brand identity or business cards? We look at expressing yourself with great design.

We’ve already had a lot of posts covering the importance of what you wear, and finding pieces of clothing that really express yourself and your personal style. Choosing outfits that express your individuality and creativity, while still being appropriate for work, or wherever else you are heading, can be a very difficult task. That’s why there are numerous posts and tips out there like this article on how to define your style.

But, clothes aren’t the only way that you can express yourself. Turning to printing services, such as, isn’t just for businesses looking to produce marketing materials. You can use services like these to create artistic, personalised paper products that reflect your style and will help you to make a great first impression.

Here are three ordinary things that you might not usually give a second thought to, and the ways that you can transform them with great design to express your personal style.

Personal & business cards

Business cards can be very plain and boring, but posts like this one show just  how cute and creative business cards can be. Having a creative, colourful personal card is a great way to make yourself stand out when you are trying to meet people, or make new business connections.

If you own your own business, having a card that really sets you apart can be one of the most important ways to gain new clients. If you don’t think you need a card to hand out then think again. Even as a freelancer, or job hunter, you never know when you will want to swap numbers with someone, and a business card is just about the easiest way to make it happen; if you hand someone a card they will likely hand you their back.

From the basics like colours and shapes, to details like trims, matt or gloss finishes, and even embossed areas, you can easily incorporate designs that you love onto this small space. The trick is to remember that above all a business card needs to be readable and show off the most important information: who you are and how to get ahold of you.

Stationary and letterheads

Today, it can be so easy to simply send off an email or message on social media to your friends and family. But, correspondence is truly an art form, and you don’t have to do what everyone else does. For birthdays, condolences, get wells, and thank you cards, sending a hand-written note will show the recipient that you really care and make a statement that you take the time to do things right.  Creating a stationary or letterhead that reflects your style with font, colour, and size is a simple way to create something that everyone will appreciate. You can also make customised cards for these different occasions that share some of the same elements, making everything uniquely in your style.

One great idea is to find out your family crest and motto, and incorporate them into your christening cards, Xmas cards, and printed letters. If your family name doesn’t have a crest then why not be the first to design it. You can hand the design down through the generations. A motto can be as simple as “Courage”, or as poignant as “live everyday like it was your last, but dream like you will live forever.”


Making custom posters is a great way to spruce up a room in your home while also letting your artistic side shine. This is a great, gun way to dabble in graphic design. Choose a favourite quote or saying and play around with different fonts, sizes, colours, and designs. Then print out and frame to have a wall hang that was made by you for you. For other people that you know well, this can also be a great gift.

Using design to punch up and differentiate the little things is the best way to make yourself stand out from everyone else and show that you are someone who has a strong sense of style and pays attention to the details.

Main image by Saulius Dumbliauskas @ Flickr

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