How To Make Cash Fast

The world is a tough place. It can be hard to gather the funds together to get where we want to go.

Or, we might be struggling with debt. Have you started trying to save money where you can? It is a good place to begin but you have to realise it may not be enough. You may need another source of income to get out from under those loan payments.

There are plenty of ways to make money if you have the time. But, if interest is building by the day this is not an option. That is why you need ways to make money fast. Here are some solutions.


Freelancing is your best option when you are struggling with money. This is due to the fact that you are often paid weekly. That means at the end of each week you will have more cash to pay off that loan with or deal with the bills.

You will not have to wait until the end of the month. You are also more likely to get a job. Why? Because employees know you will not be on a contract. This means there is less risk in a hiring you. The job market for freelancing is far more lucrative than contracted employment.

Sell Items

We all have junk building up in our attic or loft. Perhaps it is from your childhood. Maybe you bought it last week. But if you are not using it and it is just using space in your home it is time to get rid of it.

But, instead of just taking it to the tip, have a garage sale. You would be surprised what your neighbours want and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Here is a tip if you have some tech. Do not just recycle your old mobiles and tablets. Recycle them for money with a company like DeviceRecycle.

Businesses like this know how much your old tech is worth and are willing to pay for it in quick online transactions. You will probably get more here for tech than you will selling it to someone you know.

Rent Things You Own

Spare room in your house? Then you can rent it out. You will need to look at getting permission depending on your area first. But once you do, you will have a brand new source of income.

If you live near a university, this is the perfect opportunity. Students are constantly on the lookout for affordable accommodation. Or, do you have a second car of a caravan?

You can rent these out too. This is such an easy way to make some quick cash we are surprised more people do not do it.


Lastly, if you have a skill like singing, juggling or playing an instrument, you can use it. If you know, you have talent you can easily make some money street performing.

You will have to get permission from the local authorities first. But once you do, people will pay you for your efforts to entertain. Some people even do this as a hobby.

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Poppy is a money-saving expert in the UK.