Companies Face Fines For Asbestos Issues

Asbestos is something that is often in the news, due to how deadly the substance can be.

Once again, it has hit the headlines as regulations have changed when it comes to who is at fault for asbestos on business premises.

Many business owners are unaware that in some cases, the fault for asbestos lies with them. This can be true even in cases where the business owner is simply the tenant, not the landlord.

The problem is that many commercial properties situated in the UK contain asbestos, and the tenant is unaware. Due to how dangerous asbestos can be when breathed in fines tend to be high. In terms of substances that endanger life, such as asbestos, fines are always high.

Many business owners are unaware of the rules about asbestos. However, unless they want to get fined, they need to get clued up. Regarding asbestos safety, the question is, what can companies do?

Be more aware

Earlier this week, an Ireland-based company were brought before a judge and fined for the asbestos that was in their building. The reason for the action was because the company’s employees were not protected from the substance.

The judge ruled that the business should be fined £1000, plus £800 in fees. This may be a small amount, but it is a great example of fines for asbestos issues in commercial properties, and why business owners need to be aware.

To avoid being called to court, the government suggests that business owners get clued up when it comes to asbestos.

The most important thing that business owners must do is check their lease or contract to see who is responsible for asbestos management.

In some cases, it’s the landlord, and in others, the tenant.

Get an asbestos survey

If the business owner is found to be responsible, it is recommended that they take an asbestos survey. A survey from a professional company will be able to work out if there is asbestos in the building.

And if so, what the next step should be. This could be removal or proper management, depending on where it is located.

Many asbestos companies, also offer specialist training to business owners. For example, asbestos awareness training with Plansafe teaches business owners about the substance.

This training shows business owners how to spot asbestos, as well as what they should do if they find some. This type of training is recommended for business owners to help ensure that asbestos is not missed.

When it comes to asbestos, it’s important to understand that it can be detrimental to our health. When breathed in, an asbestos spore can lodge in the lungs, leading to severe lung cancer in later life.

That’s why, it’s such a serious issue if it is undetected in a building where people spend a lot of time, such as a commercial work environment.

Over the next few months companies who don’t take asbestos management seriously will be cracked down on and fined by officials. The government are suggesting that all business owners get clued up on the issue.

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