Bitcoin Surges To Highest Price Of 2019

Today the price of bitcoin (BTC) surged to the highest price it has achieved in 2019.

At the time of writing value had peaked at $5,778 (£4,444) on Coinbase and $5,864 (£4,510) on Coin Market Cap, an improvement of over 6% on the previous day’s price.

Bitcoin has had a bit of a rocky time since value dramatically dropped in January 2018, following periods were users and investors of bitcoin saw price increase by astronomical amounts.

So far in 2019 the price has risen from lows of around $3,100 in January, to the current high achieved today which are nearly approaching $6,000.

Since the start of April the bitcoin price has seen a bullish upwards trend, with the price having risen nearly 40% since March 30th.

Some investors may still be smarting from the loss of value seen previously, but at Dumb Funded we believe that bitcoin, other digital currencies, and associated technologies are still very much in their early stages.

Rather than fading into obscurity, bitcoin has proven time and again that it does not appear to be going away, and in 2019 still has a huge market cap of $102,966,242,529 at time of writing – higher than the yearly GDP of Venezuela.

Bitcoin / GBP Price – 3 Months

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