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The Employee Satisfaction Checklist: 15 Ways to Invest in Your Employees

Want to boost employee satisfaction to improve your workforce? Invest in your employees, in these 15 ways, and you’ll set everyone up for success…

According to studies on employee satisfaction over the years, around half of UK employees are considering a new job due to the lack thereof. From this, it’s clear to see that the importance of investing in people within your team can’t be overstated.

With everyone working from home right now, employers now have a second chance to think about how they treat their employees. So, how do you want your staff to feel when they walk through that office door again?

From employee benefit trust share options, to pensions, to office parties, and more, the list of ways you can invest in your employees is endless. So, for 15 sure fire ways to ensure you get the best out of your team, read on…

1. Literal Investment Shares

Firstly, a really exciting way to demonstrate how much you value your employees through investments could be through setting up an Employee Benefit Trust. This is an entity used to gain and hold shares in a company on behalf of employees. When these shares make a profit, awards can be made to the employees from these shares.

Adding something like this into your employee investment plan is certainly a way to treat your employees to something a little extra. With a fun and lottery-style undertone to keep everyone on their toes, it’s a great start.

2. Provide a Good Pension to Invest in Your Employees

One of the key employee satisfaction factors is what the employer pension contributions look like. Normally, a company will contribute three percent of the employee’s salary into the pot. But, by adding a couple of extra percent every month from you, this saves them having to add more in themselves, and shows their worth to you.

3. Make an Effort on Their Professional Development

Providing valuable training for employee development is also a key way to invest. But why should companies be interested in helping employees plan their development?

Well, you’re killing two birds with one stone, really. Not only are you providing your team with the valuable skills to do their job well for you, you’re allowing them to develop their personal skills.

The importance of employee development is that if they feel that they’re the best at what they do, this can really boost their motivation to succeed. Overall, you’re not only showing you appreciate them, but it will keep them raring to go for the next challenge ahead.

4. Invest in the Tools They Need

A really good way to show your staff that you value their job role is to provide them with the tools they need to work effectively. Whether it be software or equipment, or even the use of an app here or there, forking out a small amount of money for this each month is golden. Not only does it allow your team to get the job done efficiently, it also proves that you are willing to invest in what they do.

5. Invest in a Nice Office Building

An office environment is everything in making sure your team feel valued. So, investing in an airy, spacious, and modern office space could be the difference between a more productive workforce. Giving everyone enough space to work their best, and get the job done, whilst feeling at home in the process, should do just that.

6. Provide Comfortable and Safe Office Furniture

Health and safety is absolutely paramount to not only abide by the law, but ensure everyone feels well taken care of. This doesn’t just include removing damp from the office, making sure the lift is serviced, and so on. This also includes the little things, like ensuring everyone has a supportive office chair.

Naturally, a safe work chair will provide support where it’s needed, and encourage the person to sit up straight. This has an amazing effect on employee satisfaction, as it helps to prevent any skeletal discomfort, particularly in the back. So, through this attention to detail, you can help prevent any distractions from work, and keep everyone ready to work.

7. Supply Food and Drink

It may sound simple, but even supplying the office with food and drink, like biscuits and tea, is sure to keep morale high. So, stock up the fridge with fresh milk, fill the fruit bowls with fruit, and ensure there are plenty of teabags. This should fuel your team through each day, so they can work on a full and content stomach.

What’s more, during lunch time meetings, why not treat everyone involved to some sandwiches from a local store. It’s the little things, like this, which truly make the difference to how your employees perceive you as a leader.

8. Host Seasonal Office Parties

A really fun way to show you value your staff, and to give everyone some time to enjoy each other’s company outside the office, is through office parties. Treating everyone to a Christmas do, and perhaps even a summer party too, with drinks, food, and music, is a great gesture.

9. Encourage Social Gatherings

Likewise, it doesn’t just have to be an event to gather together for some drinks and food. Just encourage your employees to meet after work for a social gathering at the local pub. This is a great way for everyone to get to know one another better, which should boost morale in the office.

If you’re really feeling generous, why not treat them all to a few drinks on the company card at the end of a successful month. This will prove to them how much you care.

10. Pay for Company Travel

This should go without saying really, but there are some companies out there who don’t provide travel compensation. So, make sure that any company outings, work-related travel, and overnight stays are paid for. It’s the least you could do for their hard work, and it allows them to get the job done without anxiety.

11. Encourage a Good Work/Life Balance

Although having someone working from dawn ‘til dusk might seem productive, as they’re at work getting a lot done, the opposite might be the case. Instead, having a good work/life balance is the answer.

This basically entails ensuring you work hard, but also get home in good time, eat well, enjoy family time, and have time for your hobbies too. So, making sure to encourage your employees to follow this path is a perfect way to boost their productivity when they are in the office.

12. Provide Them with Charity Days

A fantastic way to not only show your employees you care about them, but also the wider world, is providing them with charity days off. This could be as little as one or two paid days off every year to work with a charity of their choice. It could be working with animals, working at a care home, or even a soup kitchen.

This also doubles up as a really fun way to boost your company’s exposure. After all, you’re getting your business name out there in the eyes of the charity, and you’re also getting some fantastic marketing material along the way. But, more importantly, you’re giving your team the chance to work on something they feel passionate about, and what’s more important than that?

13. Get on the Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a fantastic endeavour to keep roads safer, improve our environmental footprint, and to encourage healthier lifestyles. This is essentially a small loan provided by your workplace, which pays for a bike, and all the safety equipment and clothes that come with it. Then, every month, the money is paid back to your company from your pay cheque, a bit like a tax or a pension.

A great benefit to this is that exercise is proven to make everyone much happier and more energised to work. So, if you encourage your employees to come to work on their bikes, they may feel more prepared to work once they arrive.

What’s more, this is just that extra step to show your staff that you care about their wellbeing. Yes, it’s just a loan, so you’ll get your money back over time, but that doesn’t diminish from the importance of this small gesture.

14. Celebrate Their Milestones

A really great way to demonstrate that you value your staff, and everything they do for you, is by acknowledging and celebrating their achievements. For example, say an employee has been at the company for 10 years. Perhaps you could give them an extra week’s holiday that year to highlight your gratitude.

This doesn’t have to just revolve around career achievements; it could also include personal achievements too. Having a baby, getting married, buying a house – you name it, these are all goals worth celebrating. By showing you’re on top of everyone’s lives, it’s clear you care, so they will care too.

15. Invest Your Time in Them

Finally, something which is really important to the loyalty of your employees, and thus the success of your business, is investing your time in them. This could be something as simple as heading out to the pub with them once in a while, or having a monthly meeting to update them all on the business. One-to-one meetings are also a great idea, even just once a year or every quarter.

Whatever it may be, by putting yourself in front of your team you’re promoting a culture of honesty and trust. Through showing your employees that you truly care, you’ll gain their respect, and they’re likely to work their socks off for you.

The Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Speak for Themselves…

Clearly, from these 15 top employee satisfaction ideas above, the benefits of investing in employee happiness are second to none. Right now, there’s no better time to rethink the ways you value your employees. So, ask yourself now, “are you prioritising your staff?”

Through throwing a little bit of time, money, and care into the mix of your office space, the positives should come rolling in. Not only will you end up with a more productive workforce, but you’ll create an atmosphere and culture of trust and mutual respect.

Have you had any experience working in a toxic work environment that pushed you out? Or, maybe you’ve been at the same company for years and years due to their investments in you? Let us know, in the comments below, so we can demonstrate the importance of employee satisfaction.

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