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From British Drizzle To Sunny Australia: Make It Down Under!

From British Drizzle To Sunny Australia: Make It Down Under!

Have you found yourself slightly frazzled by the chaotic British summer weather this year?

Have you subsequently muttered that it was time to move to nicer climates such as in Australia? It’s no news that the British have long been appealed by the promises of a better life down under – there is now over 1.4 millions of us in Australia.

In fact, 4 Australian cities feature in the Top 10 most popular destinations for Brits to relocate to: Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are top of the list, with Dubai, Auckland, Cape Town, Brisbane, Singapore, Berlin and Toronto also appearing.

From British Drizzle To Sunny Australia: Make It Down Under! Surfing In Australi

So what’s so appealing about it? Expats are usually rarely disappointed with their decision to relocate in Australia. The weather, culture and scenery are typical focal points, as well as a relatively easy integration into the community. And indeed, the weather is often a lot better than UK standards, with an average temperature of 17 degrees, versus 9 degrees in the UK.

Living costs in Sydney are pretty similar to what you can find in London but with sensibly more career opportunities than in most UK cities, so standards of living are very high.

If you’re considering a career change and a move to Australia, here are some of the best job opportunities. Get ready to pack your bags and send your stuff via courier to Australia, a new life awaits!

Highest-paying jobs

From British Drizzle To Sunny Australia: Make It Down Under! Surgeon

Business Insider Australia revealed at the end of last year a list of the 10 highest (and lowest) paying jobs in Australia. Unsurprisingly, medical professionals such as anaesthetists, surgeons and psychiatrists made it top of the list, with more than 80% of each category earning more than $2000 per week.

Best jobs without a degree

From British Drizzle To Sunny Australia: Make It Down Under!

If you don’t have many degree credentials, all is not lost! Many companies are now on the look out for people that have hands-on experience before anything else. In Australia, air transport professionals and commercial pilots can earn between $36 and $120k. The construction industry is also hiring heavily: expect to earn between $48 and $110k. ICT professionals are likely to earn $45k and $140k. The Gas, oil power plant industry is in full swing too in Australia, and potential salaries range from $52 to $125k. All are these positions are high in demand, so why not give it a try and get your foot in the door?

Hiring heavily now

Education and training is the hottest industry now and for a few years to come in Australia. This is due to a rising population growth rate that is putting pressure on the educational system Down Under. Good news for all prospective teachers out there!

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