How To Buy A Second-Hand Car And Get A Good Deal

How To Buy A Second-Hand Car And Get A Good Deal - VW Passat

Buying a second-hand car is a great way to save money, but there are also huge risks and unfortunately there are more complaints about used vehicles than any other purchase.

Many motorists assume that they are buying a good car, but then find themselves having to pay for repairs down the line. To avoid this, there are certain things to look out for when viewing cars and this can also help you to get a good deal too.


Thorough research is hugely important and will ensure that you get a good deal on a quality car. This research should include looking online (forums are a great place for advice), in magazines and by asking around.

Thorough research will help you to get an idea of the market and help you to find the right model and establish your budget.

Finding a Seller

How To Buy A Second-Hand Car And Get A Good Deal - AA

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When it comes to finding the vehicle, you can either go to a dealership or private seller. Private sellers may offer lower prices, but the risks are greater so it may be best to head to a dealership.

It is worth finding a dealership that has signed up for the Dealer Promise with AA. This is a 10-point plan which outlines specific requirements for the sale, designed to increase trust and ensure that the buyer drives away with a good car.

Testing the Car

When you visit the dealer to check the car over, it is worth taking somebody with you to give their opinion. If possible you should take somebody who knows what to look for.

You should also take your time and not feel pressured into making the purchase (the salesmen can be very convincing). To know what to look out for, you can find plenty of advice online.


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The paperwork is also extremely important. You must ask to see the V5C registration certificate, the MOT certificate and car tax. You can also check vehicle information from DVLA online and find out things like when the tax disc expires, the date it was first registered, engine size, year of manufacture and CO2 emissions.

For complete peace of mind, you may want to have the car history checked by an outside company. This costs around £20 but is a great way to ensure the automobile is worth the investment.

Car Parts

If you get the car and discover there are parts of the car that need replacing, search online to find a good supplier of official car parts. We have a Honda and recently bought some parts from Cox – saving almost £60 compared to the same part on other sites!

With these tips, you should be able to find a fantastic used car at a great price and drive away a happy customer.

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