The True Cost Of Passing Your Driving Test

The True Cost Of Passing Your Driving Test

Driving is a rite of passage for everyone who is old enough to get behind the wheel.

It is a great way to gain independence and explore the roads of the world with a different perspective. Everyone who can afford it should take the test. But, the problem is exactly that; the cost.

For a lot of learner drivers, the cost is astronomical. In some cases, even before you have sat in the car, you might already have to spend hundreds of pounds. So, what is the true cost of passing your test? Let’s take a look and see.

Driving Lessons

The average cost of a single lesson in the U.K is £24 in 2015. The average learner takes around twenty-five to thirty lessons before they take their first driving test. That means that the average learner drive will spend between £600 and £720 on lessons alone.

There are ways to cut down the cost, like buying bulk lessons that work out for a couple of pounds cheaper. Plus, you might only take fifteen or twenty lessons to pass; it depends on you as an individual. But, as a framework to go off, £600 for lessons is around the norm.

Theory Test

Theory tests don’t come cheap either. The cost of the theory test in Britain is another twenty-five pounds on top of the £600 you will have to spend on lessons. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it all adds up in the end.

However, it is a mandatory requirement before you are legally able to drive so click here to find your nearest test centre. Just make sure you have the cash beforehand.

Driving Aids

To make sure the theory test doesn’t cost you another twenty-five quid, you are better off buying the computerised theory test to practise on beforehand. It is just like the original test, so although it might cost another £30- £40, it is worth it if you pass the first time.

The last thing you want is to book a test before you have passed your theory, only to fail the theory. That would be a nightmare!

Provisional Licence

Before you get in the car, you need a provisional. Otherwise, you cannot even start to learn. The bad news is the cost of a provisional licence is another £50 pounds to the total.

What is the total sum already? Around £850 and we haven’t reached the actual practical test just yet.

Practical Test

The practical test costs £62, but you need the car you practise in so you have to hire that for an hour. As a result, the full price of the practical test costs up to £90, depending on how much you pay for a single lesson.

Car & Insurance

What’s the point in passing your test if you are not going to drive afterwards? Okay, some people cannot afford it, but one of the worst things you can do is pass and then not drive for months or years.

You will have to learn all over again. Cheap cars are not hard to find, but insurance is different. Basic insurance and a clapped out old banger could cost you around £1000 if you are lucky.

What’s the true cost of passing your driving test? Up to £2000, and that is on the cheap side.

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