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Thinking of Buying a Brand New Car?

Thinking of Buying a Brand New Car? Image By Alexandre Prévot - Flickr

Owning your dream car is one thing that is high on the list of life goals for most people.

Sadly, though, owning the car of your dreams is also the thing that seems to get sacrificed as other life events get in the way.

I wonder how many times people have watched their savings grow with the purchase of a brand new car in mind, only to have their hopes dashed when their daughter walks into the room to reveal she’s engaged to be married, or the central heating packs in and needs replacing!

These are just a couple of examples of the many life events that can get in the way of you owning your very own dream car. Is the dream really out of reach, though?

Or, are there other options available which you just haven’t considered yet? Options like looking at Brand New Personal Lease Cars, for example?

If you’ve never given serious consideration to leasing a car before, then you may be wondering if this is an affordable option for you, and also what you might be able to get for your money.

Let’s try and answer these questions.

Is Car Leasing Affordable?

One misconception about car leasing is that it is unaffordable. We say this is a misconception because often this simply isn’t the case. It’s even true to say that for some people car leasing might be a more affordable way to drive your dream car.

This is because when you lease a car, you don’t need to have a large deposit to put down at the outset. Many lease cars are available with no deposit and others require as little as 3 months’ worth of deposit.

Let’s quickly consider what you could get for your budget if you were to lease a brand new car.

Under £150 Per Month

Thinking of Buying a Brand New Car? Seat Ibiza Sport Coupe Special Edition 1.0 Sol 3dr

For under £150 you could enjoy cruising around in one of several different cars from the SEAT Ibiza Sport Coupe range. This 3 door beauty comes with a low initial deposit and also boasts SEAT’s FR onboard technology.
If your budget is really tight, then you could pick up a Nissan Micra Hatchback for under £90 per month including VAT!

£200-£300 Per Month 

Thinking of Buying a Brand New Car? Mercedes-Benz A Class Diesel Hatchback A180d Sport Premium 5dr Auto

In the £200-£300 per month range we find a Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback, again with different versions of the model available to fit your own personal preference.

With deals on this car available closer to the £200 mark, and with a short term lease of just 24 months on offer, the Mercedes-Benz A Class could provide you with everything you’ve ever dreamed of at an affordable price.

£300-£400 Per Month

Thinking of Buying a Brand New Car? Mercedes-Benz E Class Saloon E250 AMG Night Edition 4dr 7G-Tronic

If you are fortunate enough to have a slightly healthier monthly budget then the brand new luxury car of your dreams could really become a reality.

For around £390 per month, you could be the proud custodian of a Mercedes-Benz E Class, for example. This vehicle oozes class, is sure to impress and could be yours if you decide to lease your next vehicle rather than buy.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Leasing?

So, now you know what you could get for your money if you were to lease your next vehicle instead of buying, you may be wondering if there are any other benefits to leasing a vehicle.

Well, the answer to this question is that there are several other benefits including:

  • The ability to upgrade your vehicle regularly, when it’s starting to show signs of wear and tear
  • The option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease period
  • Possible tax advantages of leasing a vehicle if you run a business
  • Leaving cash available in the bank for other investments or expenses

So, if you’re tired of waiting around to own your dream car and fear that it might never happen, then perhaps leasing a car could be the way forward for you!

With low deposits, affordable monthly repayments and short-term minimum contracts available, car leasing is a viable option for many and could have you setting your foot into the car showroom to choose your brand new vehicle in the very near future.

Have you leased a car before? If you have any tips, comments or questions feel free to leave them below and we will get an expert to answer for you!

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