5 Home Investment Hacks For Lockdown

Women working in a garden office

During lockdown, some savvy homeowners have been choosing to invest cash which might otherwise have been spent on holidays and commuting costs on improving their homes for their own comfort and with an eye on increasing the value when the time comes to sell up and move on. 

But how should you get started?

These five home investment hacks for lockdown should provide some inspiration. 

1. Exterior rendering

It’s easy for the exterior of your home to start looking a little shabby and distressed, especially if you live in a changeable climate where you’re often hit with four seasons in one day. However, rather than paying a builder for expensive repairs and refurbishments, you can have your façade looking fantastic by applying some rendering products yourself. If you want some tips on getting the right mix, take a look at these terrific tips from DIY Doctor.

2. Front & back gardens

First impressions last for properties as well as people. So when a potential buyer treads up your path and passes a front garden that resembles a miniature jungle, it’s not a good look. They’ll likely think that more horrors await inside the house.

Smart front garden with flower bed and manicured lawn

Meanwhile, a well-kempt back garden with a lovely, manicured lawn, flowers and other features can really enhance a home’s desirability – especially for families with kids. Get your front and back garden looking tidy and welcoming to captivate home viewers rather than turn them off.

3. Doors

Doors can make a real difference in a home. Not only do internal doors make it much easier to move between rooms than clambering in and out of windows, but different designs can also really alter the energy flow and create an awesome ambience. Hanging a door yourself (with the help of a partner) isn’t as tricky as you might think and there are lots of tutorials from DIY stores online. If sprucing up your portals sound superb, take a look at what’s on offer from a specialist supplier like Oakwood Doors.

4. Driveway

If you’ve got a driveway on the approach to your property, please ensure that it looks attractive and neat if possible but, more importantly, ensure that it’s well maintained and safe. An attractive driveway puts any potential buyer in a good mood but the reverse is true if they suffer a puncture on the approach to your home because they’re greeted by a pothole or and kind of dangerous detritus. 

5. Garden office 

Many of us will now be working from home permanently and, provided you’ve got the wherewithal, getting a garden office is a great idea because it means you’re still at home but have the necessary boundaries set so that you can actually work without various housemates, partners and children pulling you in different directions during the day. Again, the added bonus of this home improvement move is that it’ll enhance your homes attractiveness for anyone in the same boat. If you’re considering a garden office find further tips here

These five home investment hacks will ensure that your nest is also a nest egg – so get cracking!