6 Benefits of Using JIRA

If you’re thinking about using JIRA to help improve your software team operation then you may be wondering what some of the main benefits are of using the JIRA software development tool from Atlassian?

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Here we consider 6 common benefits of JIRA to help you decide if this is the right tool for your software team.

Better visibility

One of the primary problems that slows any project down, not just in software development but also in other areas of life, is a lack of clear and open visibility as to what tasks need to be done and when.

JIRA eliminates this problem as it connects software teams together, so that all members of a team can update one another in real time as tasks are started and completed.

This helps all team members to know exactly what stage a project is at, helping the project to progress to completion in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Better prioritisation

Another benefit of using JIRA is that it allows you to prioritise tasks better and for all members of the team to see which tasks need to be completed right away and which can be dealt with later.

This can be very helpful when it comes to meeting deadlines, especially when working on various projects with different completion dates.

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Increased productivity

When using JIRA, members of a team are always able to see exactly which task is next up on the list for completion.

One benefit of this is that it increases productivity, as there is less downtime from team members between tasks while they are working out what to do next when a previous task has been completed.

While this downtime may seem negligible to some, these small breaks in between tasks can really add up over time. JIRA helps to eliminate this downtime and therefore increases productivity.

Stay connected on the go

A further benefit of the JIRA software is that it comes with widely available mobile apps. This means that all team members can stay connected not just when in the office or on their laptop, but also via their mobiles and tablets too.

This can be extremely useful when an urgent matter needs attention, again increasing the productivity and efficiency of software production.

Certified Training & Consultancy

Certified training and consultancy for JIRA and the full suite of Atlassian products is available from official Gold partners such as Accxia.

1000+ add-ons

JIRA also comes with over 1000 add-ons which can help make it even more useful for Agile teams, two of the most popular of these being GreenHopper and Bonfire.

The #1 software development tool for a reason

As we can see then, the use of JIRA can bring several benefits for Agile teams and it really can help to improve productivity, efficiency and team work in general.

Team members will be able to more effectively deal with their work backlog and prioritise the most important tasks.

They will also be able to share information with other members of the team in real-time, informing them when they have worked on or completed a certain task.

There are many more benefits to using JIRA but the one’s mentioned above show just how useful this software can be and why it is the #1 software development tool.

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