A Luxury Car Without The Expense: Is It Possible?

A Luxury Car Without The Expense: Is It Possible?

Great advice on purchasing a luxury car without the expense.

When we think of luxury cars, our minds tend to instantly realign with reality as we think about the high costs involved. But are there many cars that offer luxury without forcing us to break the bank?

Audi A3

If an enjoyable drive and a comfortable interior are what you’re looking for in a luxury car, look no further than the Audi A3. It has a strong, efficient and engine meaning you’ll have plenty of fun taking it on the open road. But you won’t have to feel too guilty about polluting the Earth as it does plenty of miles to the gallon.

The control you have over the steering and handling is very impressive too. A lot of cars that prioritise luxury and comfort tend to find that the control over the driving suffers as a result. But this isn’t the case with the A3, making it a must for anyone looking for a lower priced, modern luxury car.

Lexus LS

Sometimes, the classic luxury cars are the best. And they’re even better if you can pick them up at incredibly low prices. The Lexus LS was a big hit in the early 1990s after being launched by its manufacturer in 1990. It acted as a wake-up call to the big luxury car makers because they realised that there was a new kid on the block.

The LS’s V8 engine remains a benchmark in luxury car circles. It was incredibly quiet and offered a smoother ride than anything the bigger manufacturers were able to manage. The one downside of the car is that the V8 engine now makes it expensive to run, but they’re not expensive to buy now.

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Hyundai Azera

The Hyundai Azera is a new car, but it doesn’t demand the same prices as some of its bigger rivals at BMW and Mercedes. It’s a toned down, but still luxurious take on what those bigger and richer manufacturers have to offer. It doesn’t sell itself short though; the Azera is a good car, and it has a beautiful design.

It’s certainly the best looking Hyundai on the market. The manufacturer hasn’t always been known for producing aesthetically pleasing cars, but this all changed with the Azera. It also has all the internal features you’d expect from a luxury car, as well as cruise control, 18” aluminum wheels and electronic stability.

Jaguar XJ

If there’s one car manufacturer that’s synonymous with luxury, it’s Jaguar. The great thing about the Jaguar XJ is that it’s very cheap and very luxurious. It’s a near classic nowadays, but they can be found for as little as £3,000 since they finished production in 2003. Click for Jaguar’s best cars, there are now lots of cheap Jaguars to be found at dealerships up and down the country.

For me, the combination of luxury and low costs that the XJ offers is unbeatable though. Before you even look at what’s under the hood, you have to stop and admire the body and overall design of the car. It’s a special car, and it’s still pretty cheap to run. Just make sure you find one in good condition because reliability isn’t its strong point.

These cars prove that it is possible to find a great luxury car without having to fork out absurd amounts of money!

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