Are You Financially Savvy? Three Ways To Boost Your Income

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Should children be taught how to look after their money at school? It’s a perennial debate – and many feel that financial literacy is too important for modern life not to feature more prominently on the curriculum.

Money lessons would no doubt help kids be better with their finances in the long run and it’s something we all have to learn regardless, so why not put the teaching in the hands of the experts?

The idea of being financially savvy is an alluring one. Having good control of your personal budget, investments and savings leaves you in a good position to move forward in life in a comfortable manner. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and increasing your income in creative ways can often improve your monetary situation considerably.

Here are three creative ways to boost your income which can help you skip straight to the top of the financial literacy class right now.


Imagine forex trading, but on steroids. The cryptocurrency market has exploded over recent years, with hundreds if not thousands of unique currencies being created using blockchain technology and subsequently traded online.

While there is money to be made in trading cryptocurrency, you should always thoroughly research before you invest. You should only put aside a sum that you’d be happy to risk (all investment carries risk).

If you’re not interested in trading cryptocurrency – or you’re cautious about getting started –  there are ways of accumulating small sums for free through filling out surveys and games. So, if you’ve got a bit of extra time to spare its worth seeking these opportunities out, after all, these methods basically transform your free time into free money!

Make the most of the online marketplace

With the help of the internet, anybody can set up shop and start selling to customers across the world. Whether your products are clothes, electronics or collectables and memorabilia, you can be sure that there will be someone out there willing to purchase your wares online.

Younge women on tablet using eBay

For years, eBay was the primary selling platform but there are now several competitors in different niches that target selected demographics. Picking the correct platform is key to giving yourself the best chance of success, so make sure to research what’s out there and which products fare best on each.

Of course, you could always set up your own website to sell your products, but this can often be more of a longer-term project.

Share your opinions

Market research companies are always after data from the public. The primary way that they get this data is through online surveys and they’re often willing to pay people to take them in order to get the numbers they need.

There are several survey providers out there to which you can sign up to and then get to work answering questions and earning money. The more surveys you fill out, the more money you will earn! Often different surveys will earn you different amounts, and you can filter your settings to suit your preferences.

Surveys, selling and signing up for freebies – they’re all routes that can help you to become the savvy financial operator you aspire to be.

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