Clearing The Clutter From Your Life

Clearing The Clutter From Your Life

When it comes to making a positive change in our lives, there are many different avenues we can choose to go down.

There are a lot of ways to make a real impact on our lives whether it be to change jobs, move somewhere new, or go on a diet… and they can all change our life for the better.

There is one aspect of our lives which is broad but often overlooked, and this is clutter. Clutter can be physical such as that magic chair in your bedroom which always seems to be full of clothes, or it can be mental such as stress and worry. Whatever the clutter, now and again it is a good idea to cleanse it. And today we are taking a look at some of the ways we dab declutter our lives.

Less ingredients

The first way that you can make a difference to your life this year is to make meals with less ingredients. Although it might not seem as if it will make an impact, sometimes our body can become overwhelmed with lots of different flavours and textures and it can give us difficulty in digesting food. If you want to stay healthy and happy, try and stick to 3-4 ingredients and some simple herbs or spices to tie it all together.

Clean out the house

The easiest way to declutter your life is to click here, hire a removal service and declutter your house. Over time we often collect a lot of items. Whether it be new clothes, gifts from relatives or sentimental pieces; we often end up with more than we need in the house. This is why it is a good idea for us to clear out the space a few times a year. Going the extra mile to clear out every room in the house can be a wonderful cleansing ritual and it can really help us feel clean and tidy once again. The trick to a great clear out is being ruthless with what you will and won’t keep and make sure that you don’t keep things simply because you might use them one day.

Be present

It is incredibly important for you to be present in all aspects of your life and live in the moment. Too many of us spend time looking to the future and daydreaming about what we could be to enjoy the time we have now. Make sure that you always sit back and enjoy where you are and who you are in this moment. Being present can make a world of difference and it can bring you some clarity in an otherwise crazy world.

Use your calendar

Your calendar on your phone or through google should be your new best friend. Using a calendar can reduce the clutter in your schedule and allow you to stop running around like a crazy person to try and fit in everything you want to do each day. Use your calendar to schedule things with family and friends and to also schedule time for yourself. It is important for you to leave some free time for yourself so that you can get things done.

Say no

It can be difficult to say no to people, we know. The instinct for most of us, when asked to do something is to say ‘yes’, ‘of course’, or ‘sure thing’ and this can land us with a lot of work and a lot of plans which we didn’t want in the first place. It is so important for you to learn to say no every so often because if you don’t, you will be stuck forever doing everyone else’s bidding and nothing for yourself. You need to really remember the value and the importance of your time and use this to your advantage when people ask you to do something.

Have a break

It is so understated and undersold for us to sit at home with a glass of wine and do absolutely nothing, but sometimes that it exactly what needs to happen. If you have spent the last few months or years running around with your job and your life and everything in between, it is about time you slowed to a stop and did nothing for a while. Plan a day or a couple of days where you are off work, off the grid and offline, and just enjoy your own company and your family’s company. This can be just what you need to reduce stress and declutter your mind and your life.

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