Designing a Workplace For Wellbeing

Designing a Workplace For Wellbeing

In the workplace, sitting down has become the new problem with everyone’s health. Being sedentary can have a massive impact on health.

In the workplace, it has been shown that people can be sat down for over five hours in a solid block. Leading to many implications with our health.

So if you want a happy and healthy workforce, then it makes sense to make the design of the workplace to be a happier and healthier place for them.

There are many factors that can benefit a healthy workforce. They are likely to be much more productive when they are well.

They will take less time off work and will enjoy being at work much more when they have an employer that takes care of them and has an interest to them.

One of the major factors can be health insurance. When you have a healthy workforce, they are much less likely to need to make any claims of health insurance, especially if it is provided through work.

So saving money has got to be incentive enough to provide a better work environment, right?

Here are some ways that you could make the workplace a healthier place to be.

Different Desk Design

If you can make part of the workplace design flexible, then it can make a massive difference to your employee’s health.

Desks that are movable is key and can help solve many issues like back pain or strains. Some people might like to stand occasionally, but they can only do that if their desk is able to move to varying heights.

Some people might need lower desks than others. So the same works for that too; they need it to be able to move to varying heights.

Provide an Exercise Space

Designing a Workplace For Wellbeing

When you think about your workplace, is there anywhere for your employees to be able to go and exercise?

In a lot of places, space will be at a premium. But it can make a difference if even a small space is set aside for them to exercise.

It could be that there is a room to do some yoga in or some stretching. It could be that there are lots of green space outside of the building.

If you’re designing a new office space, then having something like a  topo survey could help in the planning process.

You can take into account green spaces and things like trees and rivers, to allow your employees to have somewhere outside to sit, walk or run on their breaks, for example.

Let There Be Light

Natural light can be a really important factor in people’s health. So allowing lots of natural light into the office can be a great way to boost the morale of your workforce, as well as their health.

You’ve also got the added benefit of a ‘greenhouse’ style effect when it comes to lots of windows in a building. It can naturally heat the building, instead of having lots of artificial heating. So it can be a great way to save on costs too.

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