Easy Diy Projects To Complete Before Selling Your House

DIY Painting - Ladder paint tray and roller

When scouting for a new property, most people will be looking for houses that don’t require major renovation.

This is why it can be a good idea to carry out some improvements if you’re looking to boost your property’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

That being said, not all houses require a complete overhaul, and if you’re on a budget, you may want to look at cost-effective ways to improve your house without breaking the bank. In this short post, I’ll share some ideas of projects you can easily complete yourself to increase your property’s value without spending a fortune.

Paint kitchen cabinets

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to completely transform a room without getting the power tools out. You may want to give your kitchen cabinets a little refresh to get them looking brand new, or maybe you want to paint them in a more neutral colour that will appeal to most potential buyers?

Whatever your reason, a paint job is something anyone can do with a bit of preparation, and there are plenty of detailed tutorials on painting kitchen cabinets out there. A few things to keep in mind: check that the paint you’re choosing is suitable for your type of material (wood, metal, etc.) and protect floors and other items before getting started. Wood may need to be sanded before painting to achieve the best results, and you may need more than one coat so that the wood or previous colour doesn’t bleed through. 

Install electric radiators

Radiators are something that all houses have in common (with maybe the odd exception), and if yours have seen better days, they could stand out to potential buyers – but not in a good way.

Electric radiators are a great option as they not only produce less CO2 emissions than their traditional counterparts, but they are also very easy to install yourself as they do not require to be connected to any pipes. In a few steps, this would involve placing brackets on the walls, placing the radiator up the wall, and securing it before plugging it in – again. There are a plethora of good tutorials out there that will list all tools and steps.

Electric radiators don’t have to be a costly investment either. There are plenty of affordable options available at specialist retailers who stock different brands and styles to suit all preferences and budgets. Trade Radiators has a great selection which is currently on sale, so don’t forget to check for offers before purchasing electric radiators.

Modernise light fixtures

If natural light is often a big asset in a house, light fixtures also have a lot to bring to an interior and can be the detail that brings everything together. Changing them is something that can be done fairly easily – as long as you’re not messing around with actual wires, in which case a professional electrician should be called upon – and, unless you’re opting for a crystal chandelier, are generally inexpensive. 

The choice of lightbulb will also be important here, particularly if you get visits in the evening. White light tends to be quite cold and not always the most flattering for a room, so I prefer warmer yellow tones. LED bulbs are a good option as they are more energy-efficient and provide a brighter light while being available in different tones.

There are many other projects that you can undertake. Sometimes it’s the little details that can help make a sale. If you’ve enjoyed this post, check out our other property articles and guides.

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