Home And Office Security Mistakes That Put You At Risk

CCTV Home and office Security

No matter your place of residence, home security is vital. It is something you will have to address sooner or later. It is crucial to consider doing so before something happens to your property.

If you want to take your home security to a new level, here are some tips that you could use to plan accordingly.

Bushes too Close to House

Just like fencing, your choice of landscaping might determine whether your home is secure or too friendly for individuals with ill motives or not. Like privacy fence, bushes too close or leaning against the walls provide the best cover for bandits looking to steal from your home, even with ACCL cameras installed.

To correct this mistake, you want to use thin, growing plants instead of taller ones. Try to have taller plants away from your house. Though you do not have to give up all your plants, it helps to think carefully where they need to be placed. It is okay to have thicker or taller plants against thick or solid walls.

Visible Valuables

While you need to take care of your items on the outside, it helps a lot to think about the items that are visible from outside. Homeowners tend to overlook the fact that home windows are a two-way portal. This means that just like you can see outside stuff from the inside, someone standing outside can as well see the inside.

If you possess valuable items, think about whether they need to be visible from the outside or not. This idea is mostly applicable for homes with bedrooms on the first floor, with valuables like baby sleep pods and pieces of jewellery being likely to be left on dressers. Before you leave, blind shut or pull the shades.

Social Media Travel Posts

Holiday by pool. Posting on instagram with mibile phone

Even with proper CCTV camera installation, you should avoid social media travel posts. Though it provides a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, you might hurt your home safety by making simple mistakes. After all, most social media sites are built for public use, which means nothing you share will be private, no matter how hard you try.

You can wait until you are back from your trip before sharing your photos. If you are a regular traveller, you might need to get in touch with CCTV installation London to beef up your home security. This way, your home will be safe during your trip.

Mile Pileups

You can announce your absence to the public in quite a number of ways. Mail pileups, for instance, can send a signal to bad individuals that you are out of town. Criminals don’t have to spend time observing your mailbox to see that it is overflowing. This problem can be avoided by making contact with your newspaper or post office before you leave so that they suspend their services until you are back.

Because these services might take a few days to cancel, consider asking a close friend or neighbour to collect any newspaper or mails that accumulate when you are not around. Better still, your home will look occupied when you have someone walk around at least once awhile. You can ask a neighbour to do this for you.

The Perils of Privacy

You can always feel comfortable and safe with a privacy fence, but the truth is that they provide perfect hiding spots for thieves and other criminals. The same privacy that keeps you away from the outside world might as well cover someone who is trying to force their way into your home.

It is true that each home might have a unique layout. However, it is a great idea to plan your privacy fence so that the main entryway is visible from the streets. Use this alongside CCTV installation, and your home will be safe even when you are out of town.

Hiding Keys Outside

ACCL cameras might work perfectly, but this might not be the case if you are the type that hides the keys to their house outside. The idea of having the keys outside the house can only be recommendable if you have someone watch your home from outside. It can also help when you are locked out. The problem, however, is that most homeowners hide their keys in easy spots where burglars might find immediately.

If you have to use this trick, try to hide your keys far away from your house. You can have it hidden under a disguised item, such as a fake rock. Even with that, the rock must be mixed with real rocks so that it cannot be spotted easily.

Static Lights

Static lights always work on external lights first before anything else as a way of improving security at home. They switch these lights on at the end of the day. You might also consider installing a light timer or light sensor. These CCTV installations turn the lights on automatically at night. Though these things keep your home lit, they do provide dense shadows that could be used as hiding spots by criminals.

As a solution, consider having these lights on motion sensors. You will still have illumination, but it will come as a surprise to someone walking around your home when you are not around. This will make them start wondering whether or not they have been spotted. Also, motion sensors are ideal for ensuring that the lights are used less often.


CCTV installation London services can be ideal for improving your home security. Even with that, you still have to work on ensuring that you avoid the mistakes mentioned above to keep your home safe. If you feel that your home is not secure and safe enough, you can talk to landscapers to redesign your spaces. It is also not appropriate to assume that your home is safe during the day. If you are on a long trip, it is advisable to have someone watch your home.

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