How Store Displays Are Important To And Enhance Sales

How Store Displays Are Important To And Enhance Sales

What is one of the first things you notice when you walk into any store?

It’s likely you notice any speciality floor displays that the store has set up with products that they are hoping to bring your attention to.

The fact that most people notice floor displays first should be enough to convince you of their importance, but if it’s not, here are some more things about the importance of store displays and how they enhance the probability of sales:

Best Promotional Techniques For Retail Sales

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you sell at craft shows and open markets, having the right displays is key to attracting customers and leveraging sales.

The better and more prominent a product stands out the more likely someone is to buy it, sometimes even when they don’t really feel like they need it. Impulse buys can do a lot for businesses.

There are three promotion techniques best suited in retail environments that can increase your sales quickly. These three are pricing promotion, loyalty programs, and, of course, POP displays also known as point-of-purchase displays.

POP displays are a type of floor display that is set up near the check-out in a store. It could also be a specialty display at your booth at an outdoor or indoor market.

The Importance Of Floor Displays

How Store Displays Are Important To And Enhance Sales

Floor displays, depending on location, attract impulse purchases. In fact, according to research nearly 66 percent of consumer buying decisions are made in-store, and almost 53 percent of those are impulse buys.

On top of that, 47 percent of retail executives agree that design, visual components, and store planning are even more important now than they were five years ago. Design includes your store displays, and catching people’s eyes with displays means making sure that they stand out.

One type of display that really stands out, aside from the ones you see right at the checkout, is the end cap display for stores. These can include simple end cap designs that stores need to follow. They can include hanging displays specifically for a particular product or brand, or they can be free standing floor displays that sit near the end cap.

Before a patron even needs to pick up the product they already have an idea what is displayed there. They also stand out from a distance, attracting people that may have simply walk by that particular aisle.

If your business, or your store, is not taking advantage of these types of displays you are losing money. They don’t just make your products more visible, they are also proven to sell more units. Don’t miss out on sales opportunities by letting some of your items stay hidden on the shelves.

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