How To Add Value To Your House

How To Add Value To Your House

Thinking about adding value to your property?

If you just want the self-esteem boost or are looking to set up somewhere else, then here are three handy tips for you to consider!

Adding Extra Rooms

If you have a family, then space is key. With husbands, wives, rowdy kids, and other family and friends all roaming the place, the space starts to run out sooner than you might think. Remember, homes are less about style and more about accommodation. Practicality comes first, and the decorative bonuses come later. If the home is not in a liveable condition, the value of your house will drastically slump.

It’s a no-brainer, but if you need more space, add on an extra room, whether it’s a conservatory or extension. If nothing else, it breaks away from the boring model of the living rooms, kitchens, toilets and bedrooms exclusivity and adds something extra to your home. Moreover, every room in a home has chaos attached to it; bedmaking, dishwashing, or noisy televisions. To have an addition that offers an escape from the typical chaos can add a great deal of property value.

Exploring View Potential

How To Add Value To Your House

The value of a house relies on a few crucial factors. Some of them, such as the surrounding area and positioning in a street, cannot be changed. The valuing of your house by its area can be influenced by the reputation of local schools, whether you’re close to a city, or if there’s anything notable nearby. For example, a house bordering the Yorkshire Dales will be worth more than the same house in an obscure rural area.

Of course, this is all determined on a case-by-case basis and is nearly out of your control. However, you can use the surrounding area to your advantage to add property value. For example, if your garden fence blocks the view to some hilly fields, consider swapping it out for a fence you can see through. Stunning scenery adds value, so if you can remove a bushy hedge, garden tree or poke holes in a fence here and there, do so if there’s a view to behold!

Utilising the Space

How To Add Value To Your House

Properties can be customised beyond wallpapers, carpets and kitchen utensils. The best kinds of homes utilise the space they have in innovative and creative ways, leaving no stone unturned. Value amounts to more than the number of zeroes on the end of a buyer’s cheque. Ultimately, if you’re selling, the buyer will be asking themselves what they can get out of your property, so think from their perspective too in terms of what can be valued.

A lavish garden can do wanders for property value, offering a tranquil retreat, fresh air and colour. Using every patch of soil and grass in a way that doesn’t overcrowd the area will add value, as can creatively joining up rooms. This all shows that the property is not only attractive, but being actively cared for, considered and used. Show that your property isn’t a cold dumping ground, but a home with a prideful appearance. After all, if it’s nice to look at, it will showcase that you’re a trustworthy homeowner who has high standards, and perhaps more importantly, no problems to pass on with the property.

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