How to Operate a Company Car Park

How to Operate a Company Car Park

If your company has a car park, here is everything you need to know about operating it successfully.

Decide How to Control the Entry and Exit

Controlling the flow of traffic in and out of the car park is an essential part of running it smoothly. It’s not that difficult to do either. If the car park is relatively small, you should make sure that you have only one entrance and one exit.

This makes it much easier for to control. Think about how easy it is for drivers to turn into the car park and pull out of it when they leave. This is an important consideration to make when choosing where to place the entry and exit point.

You can use a ticketing system that allows people to leave the car park by entering their ticket. The ticket will then tell the machine whether they paid or not.

Think About Charging

There are lots of options when you come to think about how you’re going to charge people who use the car park. You could refund people who enter your business premises.

If you run a shop, you could refund people who decide to buy something from you. This is what many shops do. You could use a smarter system that reads the ticket as mentioned above.

Then the machine will read how long the driver stayed and calculate how much they owe. Pay and Display Machines are the most common types of parking system. Be careful not to charge people too much or they will simply not stay.

Keep it Clean and Safe

It will be up to you to make sure that your company car park is kept clean and safe at all times. If you are charging people to make use of your car park, the minimum they should expect is for their car to be kept safe.

That’s why you should make it impossible for cars to leave the car park without having the ticket they came in with. This not only helps to make sure that people pay but also makes it harder for people to steal cars from the car park.

Keeping it clean is just as important because this is often the first thing that people will see of your business. Before they enter your premises, they will park their car, so you want it all to be clean and tidy.

Don’t Leave Potholes

One of the big causes of problems on parking lots are potholes. They can cause people to damage their car, and you will be the one that has to take responsibility for this.

They can even cause minor collisions if the driver doesn’t see the pothole coming. That’s why it’s important not to simply leave them when you spot them.

You should also think about what will happen to you financially if you have to deal with these problems. It might be worth getting insurance to make sure that you won’t take a financial hit if people demand compensation for damage to their cars.

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