How To Redesign Your Home on a Budget

How To Redesign Your Home on a Budget

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when their home’s surroundings, furnishings and decorations become a little too boring and ordinary.

The solution, of course, is to redesign and re-outfit areas of the house that are the source of your headaches, however this can be a difficult task if one is hampered by budgetary constraints. Well, luckily there are lots of ways you can get that chic new look without having to take out a second mortgage!


Curtains are often one of the more expensive pieces of decor in a room if bought from a retailer, but they are incredibly cheap to make yourself – a little time spent can save you hundreds! Unlined curtain panels are the easiest to make, and thanks to not needing sown-in linings, are considerably cheaper than traditional homemade curtains. Take your measurements, allowing 0.5m more than the full drop measurement for hemming, and head off to the haberdashery to select your favourite fabric!

Bright curtains

Beds For a Steal

Bedding, bed frames and mattresses are all rather expensive items, often creating headaches for even those that have a little surplus cash to splash out. The secret here is to head online; retailers such as Bedstar offer all manner of wooden, metal, foam and spring designs, often at clearance-level prices. What’s more, you can often get your old bed removed for a far smaller price than if hiring a removals service.

The Power of Pillows

If your main issue with a room is that it’s looking tired or flat, a complete redesign shouldn’t be your first port of call. By purchasing pillows and pillowcases that are emblazoned with energetic colours and patterns, you can really spark up a room, and the same can be said for new bedding and throws made of patchwork or quilt.


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Exciting Accents

No, we’re not talking about going abroad, instead focusing on the huge potential and power that can be attained simply by painting one of your walls a radically different colour compared to the rest. It’s far cheaper than painting the whole room, and with this handy colour scheme tool, you can find the colours, shades and tones that will work alongside your existing colours.

Change The Configuration

Don’t immediately head online to eBay looking for new furnishings and antiques before you’ve moved around the furniture that you already own. Part of your wish to redesign might be due to simply becoming bored of the configuration of furniture in your home, so shake things up and see if a new order fixes your issues.

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