How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving Abroad

How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving Abroad

After decades of working tirelessly, you are now approaching retirement age. As you do, the idea of moving abroad to see out the rest of your days is an increasingly attractive proposition.

Good on you! You’ve spent years providing for everyone else around you, now is the time to start thinking about yourself.

The kids have all grown up and moved out and with no work to worry about, there’s nothing to hold you back from a life of sun, sea and Sangria. Taking the costs of retirement into consideration too, going abroad is the obvious choice.

Despite all the excitement that the new chapter will bring, though, there are still a few things that need tidying up back home before jetting off to paradise.


Perhaps the most obvious item is your finances. Retiring and moving abroad are massive landmarks on their own, combining the two at once is absolutely huge.

Carry out the necessary research on your chosen destination and scrutinise your finances to ensure this dream is definitely within your remit.

The last thing you want is to be left with huge debt whilst living in another country.

Funeral Arrangments

It might be a little bit morbid, but you should also consider your funeral. It isn’t only the costs involved that need to be measured either.

Talking to your loved ones about whether you are going to be buried in your current location or the new country is a serious point of discussion.


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Obviously death isn’t something you want to think about too much, not when you’ve got one of the most exciting times of your life waiting just ahead.

Nonetheless, it may be worth writing your will prior to the big move. After all, it will be much easier to complete this vital document with the help of a professional that speaks the same language as you.

Even if it needs updating later on, sorting this draft out now is definitely well advised.

Personal Possesions

Sorting out your possessions and assets is clearly another key point to consider. Properties and cars are the big things in terms of money but it’s also important to remember the sentimental items in your life.

Can these come with you? Or would they be better left with family or in storage? Having a plan of action covering everything you own is a step that many forget to do. Don’t be one of them.


Once you’ve sorted out your old life, it’s time to think about the new one. Before doing anything, you must make sure to research the required documents needed to live and retire in your chosen country. This may include visas or permits.

The internet is a great resource for checking these details or else you can always talk to the designated embassy about your plans and what is required to make them a reality.


Being aware of these factors will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. However, you’ll also need to consider a place to live.

Whether it’s renting or buying a retirement home, it’s always best to have this issue resolved at the earliest stage possible.

Deals can fall through and the accompanying stress is not what you need to start what is supposed to be a relaxing chapter of your life.

Health Insurance

As well as a place to live, you’ll need to make sure your protection is intact. With regards to this cover, using an English speaking service to assist you through the process is always advised.

It’s far easier to deal with people talking your own language, even if you have got a basic grasp of the new dialect. It also allows you the chance to double check the details of your package and discuss any other concerns you have.

That added peace of mind will make the whole moving process far less stressful.

Learn The Language

The opportunity to complete important procedures in English should be grabbed with open arms. Nonetheless, you should at least try to gain a basic grasp of the local language.

Acclimatising to the new area can be difficult anyway, you don’t want to feel alienated by being unable to converse on any level whatsoever.

Learning the language in your spare time between now and the move will bring rewards.

It is worth noting that children and young adults usually find this task to be much easier than the elder generation. Thankfully, there are plenty of books and online courses to make the process smoother.

Learn The Culture

A willingness to integrate with the new culture is vital to your move. Familiarise yourself with their habits, foods and other lifestyle choices.

That doesn’t mean you have to forget your own, but appreciating theirs will help during the process of meeting new people.


Making new friends is important, even if you do enjoy the quiet life. You might not be as close with these people as you were with those back home, but you should still cherish their companionship. Besides, they could have some great tips about local attractions or other advice to help you settle into the new area.

Nevertheless, you will naturally miss your family and friends back home. Getting used to their absence can be one of the hardest and most stressful parts of the entire relocation process.

With modern technology, though, you can see your loved ones on a daily basis even if you’re separated by thousands of miles.

Social Media

Even if you’ve never been interested in it before, setting up a Facebook account is a great way for you to share moments with your loved ones. It’s easy to upload photos or videos of your new life, while you can also chat to your friends or even hold videocalls when you are both online. This can be particularly helpful if getting back to your old home is difficult.

Moving country can be a frustrating time at any stage of life but especially when approaching retirement. However, the fact you won’t need to seek work in the new country should be a huge comfort and leaves you to enjoy your new chapter in the sun. Essentially, as long as you take control of the situation you shouldn’t find it overly stressful.

Once you’ve settled into your new life, you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your days in paradise. Perfect.

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