Improving Mobile Sales

Improving Mobile Sales

Searches on mobile devices far exceed the number made on desktop computers, and the gap is only going to get bigger.

As laptops, smartphones and tablets can be taken anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection this is how consumers will browse websites and use apps.

Well over half of online use is on mobile devices, with more than three-quarters of the population in the US owning one. Information such as this makes it crucial for small businesses to have a mobile presence if they want their brand to grow and be successful.

Images And Videos

The brain more easily retains images and videos than it does written text, and people are more likely to view them than they are to read a few paragraphs of writing. The ratio of this is about 80% of visual information being remembered, while only 20% text is.

For the development of your mobile presence, you should contact someone such as the experts like the Xibis app developers, as they will be able to make it so that the images and videos are easy to install.

If you have difficulty putting what you want on your app, you will not feel as inspired to do so, this then stops it being as successfully as it could be.

User Friendliness

Small screens can make navigation more difficult. You need to ensure that your app is easy to get around by having tabs that are large enough to tap on a small screen, and when they want to look for something, the search box is not so small they cannot type in it.

It should be quick to load each page they go to, or they will soon uninstall your app and move on to someone else. Consumers do not have much patience when it comes to digital devices and the apps on them. They expect them to be fast and user-friendly, and any that are not will fail.

Easy Contact

The app will include all your contact details, and most importantly you should have a ‘Call Now’ button placed by the phone number.

Users like to be able to call you directly from your online presence, and studies have shown that about half of people move on from sites where this is not an option.

The app should also have any other contact information users might need. Addresses of physical stores or headquarters, directions on reaching them and opening hours should all be included. Email addresses are also a must and contact forms, although they are a good idea, do not get as much use.

Social Media

Social media generates large numbers of leads and it is worth making use of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons on such platforms as Facebook and Pinterest, as well as any others that offer the same thing.

No business can afford to ignore the mobile market any longer. It is growing bigger all the time, and that is confirmed by the growth in digital device sales and the drop in desktop computer sales. Technology will continue to evolve, and you need to make sure your business keeps up with it.

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