Increase Your Productivity With Your Office Design

Increase Your Productivity With Your Office Design

If you work in an office, you don’t need to be told that your environment has a huge impact on how productive you are.

The design of your office can affect your focus and overall productivity levels, so it’s important that you don’t ignore it.

Many businesses and employers make the mistake of trying to increase productivity in poor working conditions and it often results in stressed workers and deadlines that aren’t met.

The design of a business’s office isn’t anything to do with Feng Shui; it’s about getting things done quickly and effectively. So, how can you do that?


Office lighting is one of the most overlooked elements of creating a productive environment. Good lighting is needed to produce quality work.

Bad lighting can cause fatigue, headaches and even depression. Imagine sitting in a poorly lit cubicle with your employer expecting you to be productive every working day.

If there’s nothing you can do about the lighting in your office, offer each employee a bright lamp and encourage them to take five-minute breaks from their work desk to sit in some natural light. Natural light is a mood booster, and a good mood can aid productivity.


They say that a messy desk equates to a messy mind. So, if you notice that your office is full of clutter or your employee’s desks are stacked with paperwork, it may be time to come up with a solution.

For example, using Oasis Group document scanning will mean your employees won’t have to be surrounded by their paperwork.

You can scan and upload documents, then choose a platform to store them on, giving you instant access to your work whenever you need it.

It’s convenient and time efficient, saving your employees hassle which often means you’re able to increase your workload and make more money.

Desks and Chairs

Increase Your Productivity With Your Office Design

The average office worker sits in the same chair for up to six hours a day. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the desks and chairs your employees are using.

If your employee is sat in an uncomfortable chair, it can cause a range of different health problems which can affect productivity.

If your employee is suffering from back pain because of the chair you’ve provided, they’re likely to miss days of work or be less focused while they’re in work.

Similarly, if the desk is too low or too high to work on properly, employees may have to hunch over to get work done. Offer your employees ergonomic desk chairs and allow them to bring in cushions or pillows for support.

Make sure the height of their computer is aligned with their eyes so they don’t have to sit awkwardly to work.


If you’re sat in a dark and grey office for five days a week, it will have an effect on your mood. Colours have the ability to boost or dampen our moods, so it’s important to choose office colours wisely.

Bright white walls are often the best choice for an office space. You can also encourage your employees to bring in accessories that they think will boost their moods.

It could be a focus board full of inspirational quotes and pictures that help them to focus on their personal goals, which in turn will help them to focus on the business’s goals.

Room Temperature

With so many bodies in an office space, it’s easy for the temperature to fluctuate during the different seasons. The last thing you want to find is workers who are too cold to focus properly in the Winter or too warm to focus properly in the Summer.

Keeping your office space at a regulated temperature will ensure your employees are always comfortable. If certain individuals become uncomfortable, consider allowing fans during the Summer and heaters during the Winter.

Noise Levels

Increase Your Productivity With Your Office Design

Some employees may be able to focus well in noise, but often, employees find it difficult to concentrate when there’s too much noise around them.

It’s impossible to avoid noise in an office, but there are things you can do to reduce it. If employees want to listen to music, they must do it through their own headphones so they don’t disturb others.

If employees function better in complete silence, they can also use noise cancelling headphones to work.

Idea Distraction

Have you ever been totally focused on your work when an idea pops into your head and you can’t get rid of it? Keeping note pads around the office will allow employees to write down their thoughts so they don’t continue to be a distraction.

It’s surprising how much the design of an office can contribute to productivity, so don’t ignore it.

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