Kitting Out A Boardroom On A Budget: A Checklist

Kitting out a boardroom on a budget: a checklist - Skype Office Stockholm

Your boardroom is the beating heart of your office. It’s where contracts are won or lost and crucial decisions are made.

Given the significance of this space, it’s vital that you get its design spot on. Don’t worry if you’re kitting the room out with a tight spending limit though.

The following design checklist will help you to create the perfect boardroom without busting your budget in the process.

Choose your chairs and table wisely

Kitting out a boardroom on a budget: a checklist

No boardroom is complete without comfy and stylish seats and an attractive and practical table. It’s true that if you’re not careful, you can end up spending a small fortune on these furnishings.

However, as long as you know where to look, it’s possible to purchase cheap office chairs and tables that look and feel great. Simply scour the web for the best deals on these boardroom staples.

By spending a little time seeking out the most competitive offers, you stand to save yourself a tidy sum.

Try to ensure that the furnishings you select reflect the ethos of your firm too. For example, if you’re keen to present your brand as young, dynamic and forward looking, then colourful, modern designs may work best.

Alternatively, if your image is more traditional, consider conventional furnishings such as leather-effect executive chairs.

Don’t skimp on the technical essentials

There are certain technical essentials that you simply can’t afford to skimp on in your boardroom. For example, depending on the types of meetings you plan to stage there, you might need various items of audio visual equipment.

From sound systems and screens to projectors and video-conferencing setups, there is no shortage of AV gear to choose from. This equipment will require some investment, but it could play a vital role in ensuring your boardroom fulfils all the relevant functions.

Include inexpensive finishing touches

Attention to detail is crucial in any interior design project, and boardrooms are no exception. You can add a range of inexpensive finishing touches that will help to bring this room to life at virtually no cost.

For example, you can elevate the appearance of the space and reinforce your brand image by painting your walls in your corporate colours.

You might also benefit from hanging a couple of attractive prints in your boardroom, and a selection of vibrant pot plants could give the space added personality too.

As long as you include these points on your design checklist, you should succeed in creating an attractive, professional boardroom without splashing too much cash.

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