Max Appeal: 6 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Quickly

Moving house and selling a house in particular is regarded by many as one of the most stressful processes to go through.

To minimise the stress and to sell your property quicker, estate agent comparison website has put together a handy article featuring their top tips for selling a property.

With a little preparation, making the right impression and finding the right estate agent you can substantially reduce the stress involved in selling a house.

Increasing your property’s kerb appeal

The exterior of a property is the first place to impress potential buyers and entice them to see the rest of the house, so first impressions really count. A well maintained garden shows that you care about the property, but it isn’t just about cutting the grass.

Making sure that all bushes, borders and hedges are trimmed will make a huge difference to the look of the garden, while decluttering, sweeping pathways and moving the bins out of view will make it look clean and well kept.

Hanging baskets and bedding flowers can add a pop of colour, while creating a focal point for different areas of the garden, and updating tired or outdates exterior fixtures such as garden sheds and fences can help potential buyers visualise themselves using the space.

Make sure that any exterior windows and doors are in good condition, are clean, and that all latches, handles and locks are in good working order.

Cleaning and repairing

Clean up time!

Staging your home the right way makes a huge difference to how the property is perceived by potential buyers, so making sure that it is clean and tidy is imperative. It doesn’t need to look like a show home, but a good clean makes the property look more presentable.

Potential buyers usually want to move into a property where they don’t have to make a lot of changes or fixes straight away, so making sure that all the fixtures and fittings are up to a good standard makes the property more appealing.

Fixing broken fittings such as cupboard handles, electrical sockets and repairing any holes in walls makes the property look well maintained and puts potential buyers’ minds at ease. Replacing any well-worn areas of carpet and flooring can also make the property more saleable.

Smells are key


Smells are an important factor when selling a property, as bad smells can put off potential buyers while good smells can reinforce good impressions. Before any viewing make sure that the drains and sinks are disinfected and clean, the bin has been taken out and that the property is aired out.

Estate agents know that pleasant smells help sell houses just ask Susan. They have been using different methods for many years. Common smells that provoke a homely feel include freshly baked bread, fruit bowls and freshly brewed coffee, but something as simple as lighting a scented candle can make a huge difference to the feel of a property.

Decorating and updating

Potential home buyers are generally looking for a property that is a blank canvas, something that they can put their own stamp on, so creating a neutral colour scheme is key for a quick sale.

Using bold colours can put off potential buyers, but using neutral colours will make the spaces look lighter and bigger, allowing viewers to more easily envisage themselves using the space.

To get the best price and a quick sale of a property may mean that you have to spend a bit of money in the short term to make more money in the long run. Adding new kitchen worktops or new bathroom tiles can make a huge difference to overall value of the property.

If you have enough budget then converting a loft into a useable space or adding a conservatory can drastically increase the value of a property and its saleability.

Finding the right estate agent

Estate agent

Selling a property can be stressful, so finding the right estate agent is key to take away some of that stress, market your property to the right people and get the right price. Estate agents can handle viewings and liaise with both parties solicitors, making the selling process a lot easier.

Look for estate agents that knows the local area well, housing trends and has a reputation for providing a good service. Check online reviews or estate agent comparison websites to get a feel of the estate agents in your area; this will give you a good indication of which one is right for you.

Estate agent comparison websites are also great resources to find out about the local housing market, average house prices in your area and provide you with contact information for local estate agents.

Hire a professional photographer


Although some estate agents may have access to their own photographers, many do not, leaving the taking of pictures up to the estate agent themselves.

This is by no means a bad thing, but why not make your property stand out from the crowd by hiring a professional photographer. These specialist photographers will make sure that your property is staged right, lighted well and is presented in the right way to attract the most attention.

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