Smart Ideas for Small Office Design: DIY

Smart Ideas for Small Office Design: DIY

Whether your office is at home or not, small places need careful design consideration.

Small spaces that look cluttered and cramped have a tendency to affect our mood negatively – just imagine how much your home affects your mood; wouldn’t an open and airy office boost your productivity a bit?

To save you money, we have looked at how you can easily maximise your office space, and increase productivity and happiness, without costing too much.

Look up – To the walls and the cloud

If you don’t have too much space on your office floor, leave the desks and the chairs on the floor and move everything else up on the walls.

Baskets to hold your files, and documents are handy – although going paperless will also save you a lot of clutter in your small office.

Everything will be safely stored in a cloud, and you can use those baskets to store folders instead, immediately opening up more space at your desk.

Another good idea is to get those cables off the floor. Hang a basket underneath your desk, for example, and the look of your office is already a lot tidier.

Look out – To the garden

Smart Ideas for Small Office Design: DIY

With a home office, the design ideas are endless – as long as you stay on your property, you can set up an office basically anywhere.

Moving your desk to the garden doesn’t mean being bothered by flies, rain, and sun while trying to work; check out this site for some excellent design ideas for a modern outside office.

Although some of these calls for a small structure in the garden, either one you already have or one you can build yourself, having a garden office doesn’t have to be a demanding project.

Make sure you have a roof over your head and some screens to shade for the sun; these nylon tubes and other DIY equipment are unusually versatile and can help make your garden office project a bit cheaper as they can be ordered bespoke.

Even better; moving your small office outside will give you a lot more space, brighten up your day and boost productivity – without renting a costly office space.

If moving your office outside seems like an impossible dream, try to bring as much light in as possible by placing your desk by a window or placing some mirrors in strategic places.

Stand up

Investing in good office furniture is important as it’s where you spend the most time. Getting up on your feet for a few meetings throughout the day, if you have employees in your office, will get your blood flowing and could even result in more creative ideas.

If you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to get up a bit while working, for the same reasons, but also because the new perspective will also help keep you sane.

A small office doesn’t have to be cramped and cluttered, but they often end up that way when you’re not paying attention.

It helps tremendously with the mood when you like the environment you’re in, which can only mean that it’s good for business, too.

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