The Virtual Vanguard – Why London Is Leading The Way With Virtual Offices

The Virtual Vanguard - Why London Is Leading The Way With Virtual Offices

London’s commercial real estate scene is one that lends itself to offering space to businesses of all budgets.

While rents are typically high through conventional leasing, there are alternative means to secure snazzy office space in some of the London’s more prestigious districts. The virtual office, for example, is office space on a diet in that it provides businesses with the essentials without including the fluff, and at a much-reduced price.

The virtual office is the perfect answer to businesses who want to work from a remote platform and businesses looking to take their online presence up a notch. However, in one of the world’s oldest cities, the virtual office has made it easier to lease office space on an as-needed basis. Take a look at Servcorp’s virtual office in London to see how the virtual office works by clicking onto the following link at

Continue reading to learn why London is the perfect place to reap all the benefits of a virtual office.

The Virtual Time Saver

London is like any other city in that it is prone to traffic snarls during peak travelling times. The virtual office, alternatively, provides businesses with a platform for working in any location in or outside of the city without having to waste time daily coming and going to work. Because the office operates primarily online, businesses have a mobile business that can be accessed from any online location, especially if your business is taking advantage of the numerous online platforms. Ultimately, all the time devoted to work can be spent on working as opposed to navigating London rush hour traffic.

Office Space Without High Rates

Conventional office rates are right up there with other international markets such as New York City and Hong Kong. The thought of forking over thousands of pounds monthly, in addition to having to staff and provide amenities for office space, can be very intimidating. Well, London’s virtual office space can fit out your business with an office lease that provides your business with the essentials to function daily.

By taking over the reins of providing amenities and staffing to businesses, you are alleviated of this stress of having to come up with payroll and overheads. Typical leases provide businesses with an office platform that gives them access to conference rooms and boardrooms and office support (receptionist). By streamlining the standard office lease and providing remote workers with a solution for their business, professionals save a ton of money in office space.

The Ability To Move Up Easily

While there are subscription-based virtual offices, ones provided through the serviced office usually come with other office plans. The executive suite and now the coworking space are popular office solutions that will allow your business to move easily into space if you find that the online landscape does not provide enough space for your business. If leasing through an international company, you might be able to benefit from a relocation plan that allows you to modify your lease and access office space in company locations. Either way, businesses benefit from an office plan that simplifies organising office space. The virtual office provides businesses with an all-inclusive and more effective way to lease office space.

The Perks Of Going Virtual

In London, professionals can benefit from this ingenious way to get office space. Large cities with a lot of traffic can stymie productivity simply in terms of just getting around the city on a daily basis. The virtual office addresses the need to have access to an on-site office without having to make the trek to the office daily.

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