Three Ways To Meet Increased Consumer Demand

Three Ways to Meet Increased Consumer Demand - Women Shopping Holding Paper Shopping Bags

During a period of growth, it’s crucial that a business is able to keep up with consumer demand.

For companies that create signature products like Apple and the iPhone, restricted stock can create increased consumer demand. For other companies dealing with commodities, though, there maybe competitors trying to take your place in the market. Here are three solutions to make sure you can keep up with whatever comes your way.

Optimising Your Existing Space

The first solution to your problem is to consider how you already utilise your existing storage space. Many companies could increase their overall capacity significantly by implementing relatively simple design changes such as tunnel racking or narrowing the aisles in their warehouse.

When done properly, this could increase your overall load by between 5-10%. When using tunnel racking, you’ll need to implement safety netting to prevent any goods from falling over areas where employees may be standing.

Similarly, when narrowing aisles to accommodate more goods, make sure that any equipment you use, like forklift and pallet trucks, have enough space to safely manoeuvre.

Creating a Temporary Solution

Three Ways to Meet Increased Consumer Demand - Warehouse Storage

If you run a seasonal business and are anticipating growth during the holidays, consider creating a temporary warehouse to hold your new stock. Companies like Neptunus specialise in building these kinds of solutions for a variety of different businesses. Their flexible and modular designs mean that they can design a building specifically catered to your individual needs.

Temporary structures like this are also lifesaving when your primary warehouse is currently out of service because of damage or redevelopment. Now you won’t have to worry about any losses that would have occurred during this period, and your temporary site can be fully dismantled when you’re ready to return to your original location.

Working with a Logistics Provider

Three Ways to Meet Increased Consumer Demand - Business With To Much Stock To Fit Shelves

If you rent your warehouse facilities from a larger company, look for a logistics provider who offers you the flexibility to alter your square footage as you need it. This is ideal for situations such as a new product launch, where you’re expecting a high initial sell through before the items finds it’s average selling rate.

Many service providers can offer flexible warehouse space to be used to accommodate both short-term and long-term business requirements. This makes it much easier for small businesses to predict their sales trends without the need to worry about restrictive contracts or paying for more storage than you need to for the rest of the year.

No company can be successful without satisfying its customers. Failing to do so could negatively affect your current reputation. In the time it takes for you to regain their trust, who knows how many companies will be vying for your position in the market?

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