Top Tips For Keeping Your Staff Safe In The Business Premises

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Staff safety is important when it comes to your business.

You want to ensure that any staff member stepping into the workplace feels a sense of ease and comfort. This is a place after all, that your staff spends a lot of their week at and therefore it needs to feel safe.

With that being said, there are some great tips to help keep your staff safe on the business premises. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to delivering a safe working environment for your staff. 

Introduce security protocols

Security protocols are a must because even though it’s your responsibility to look after your staff’s safety, they too have a responsibility to look after those around them. Putting protocols in place in relation to security is essential.

It makes sure everyone knows what to do when it comes to a terrorist threat, a fire alarm going off, or any type of situation where security is threatened. It’s good to have these protocols readily available to view and should be given to all staff when they join, as well as when any updates are made.

Invest in security like CCTV or security guards

Investing in security is a great way to keep your business protected, as well as all the staff who operate on the premises. CCTV is a common investment made with any business premises to ensure 24/7 monitoring is provided, regardless of whether or not people are in the building or not.

There are some businesses that warrant having security guards on hand. While it might not always be necessary, it’s an additional form of security that might be great for the business and for your staff to feel more comfortable.

Install fire and carbon monoxide alarms

A major concern for any business is the threat of fire. While you may work in a fairly uneventful environment like an office building, there still carries a lot of risks when it comes to fire. Whether that’s servers in the basement or the building’s heating system.

Not the mention that there’s often human error made in the kitchen that can cause accidental fires. That’s why it’s important to have a proper fire alarm installation done, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm system.

Onboard your staff with health and safety in mind

When it comes to your staff and onboarding them correctly, don’t neglect the health and safety element of the training. It’s often the case that onboarding is sometimes lax with some businesses. This can cause problems further down the line, especially when it comes to the risk of workplace incidents and accidents in general.

Be sure to give your staff the proper training and onboarding so that they’re able to navigate the staff premises more efficiently. 

Set up strict entry and exit procedures

To help with security, focus on your entry and exit points. Having strict procedures like a keycard or fob to get through the doors is a great way to make things more secure in general.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can continue to keep your staff safe when working on business premises.

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