Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality

If building a home has ever been a dream of yours, then why make it stay a dream?

Use the basic outline and timeline below to help your dream home spring up into life and become a reality.

Plant your flag

Metaphorically planting your flag in a plot of land is the starting point for any would-be home builders. Online resources, such as PlotSearch, have made the process of getting your dream started as simple and easy as it has ever been.

What you should not do, however, is plant your flag based purely on what you see online — you should visit the plot you wish to build on during your choosing process in order to make sure that it is the right fit for you and whoever you will be going on your building adventure with.

Take care of the boring formalities

They may be tedious, they may be stressful: but you have to sort out all the formalities regarding funds and legal requirements. Self build mortgages have to be sought as they differ to other housing or mortgage arrangements.

As well as this, appropriate and genuine legal consents to build must be confirmed, which include planning permission and building control approval. This needs to be done because you can’t just plant your flag somewhere without telling anyone.

Time for a bit of fun

Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality

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Now that your finances and the legal requirements are in order, it’s time to start having a bit of fun. If you’re a keen fan or architecture, or are in fact an architect, you’ll find this next part especially fun; if you are not, then you can still design the floor plan of your new home and have fun whilst doing it.

Floor plan software makes it easy for anybody who may find floor plan designing, the stage where your dream begins to become a physical reality, a daunting task. You can draw the blueprints up of where you want everything to go: from doors, to windows, and even to whole rooms!

Once the floor plan is sorted, it’s time to start making the house spring up and into life. If you plan on doing the hard labour of building the house yourself, then you should consider taking a short course on design and construction.

In doing so, you will be able to play an active role in the construction; you should however always seek professional assistance. Or stick with employing someone who is fully qualified in this area.

Turn it from a house to a home

Now, this is the really fun part — filling the empty shell of your new house with everything it needs to become a real home for you and yours for years to come. Make sure to check this guide to renovating so as to make sure you’re giving the area the interior renovation it deserves.

If the Right to Build act has ignited a desire for you to build your own home, and now you know the basic steps on how to do so, what are you waiting for?

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