What Do Package Holidays Include?

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If you’re thinking about taking a holiday, and you’d like it to be as quick, affordable and convenient as possible, then the package holiday is sure to appeal.

This kind of holiday saves you the trouble of having to book different things seperately – once you’ve bought in, you’ll find that everything you need is, by-and-large, included.

What does a package holiday include?

So, exactly what is it that you’re getting for your money? It will vary from provider to provider, and it’s worth checking exactly what’s included. Generally speaking, however, you can expect at least two types of travel service, as well as overnight accomodation.

This might mean coaches, trains, and planes, as well as car rental. If you’re just getting one mode of transport, then the holiday won’t really qualify as a package. 

In many cases, you’ll have a tour guide thrown in, too. This will allow you to get acquainted with your surroundings, and appreciate the location that little bit more. Ideally, this will happen at the start of the trip.

The holiday company will request a single payment that covers everything. Having said that, you might find that there are additional extras to pay for – but these are optional.

What are the advantages of a package holiday?

Booking a package holiday allows you to avoid the stress that comes with having to arrange everything yourself. Since dealing with stress is a major reason that you’re going on holiday in the first place, this is an upside that’s difficult to underestimate.

We should also consider that package holidays are a protected legal category under UK law: specifically the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. Consequently, you can shop in confidence that you aren’t about to be ripped off. This comes on top of the ATOL and ABTA schemes which protect you from problems with the airliner or travel company.

In many cases, a package holiday will represent superior value for money. This is because they tend to be bought in bulk by travel companies, who are able to exert more leverage and get a better deal. This only applies if the package holiday suits your needs, however; if you’re paying for things that you aren’t going to use, like an evening meal, then the economy might well be a false one.

For certain key workers, even better discounts can be secured. You can find a TUI NHS discount from reputable online vendors.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that package holidays tend to be a little safer. You aren’t going to be stuck alone in a foreign country without the support of fellow travellers, and you won’t inadvertently wander into a rough part of town. If something does go wrong, then you’ll also have access to representation.

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