Data Visualisation: Young People Not In Education, Employment Or Training (NEET)


We have put together a data visualisation from the latest statistics on young people not in education, employment or training – known as ‘NEET’.

Data source: – Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) – 28 February 2019

Tool used:

Notes: We used the men’s and women’s data sets, not seasonally adjusted.

DateMen (%)
Women (%)
Apr-Jun 201412.214.3
Jul-Sep 201412.114.5
Oct-Dec 201411.415.4
Jan-Mar 201511.414.4
Apr-Jun 201511.413.9
Jul-Sep 201510.712.9
Oct-Dec 201510.813
Jan-Mar 201611.113
Apr-Jun 201611.212.3
Jul-Sep 201611.812.2
Oct-Dec 201611.511.6
Jan-Mar 201710.811.5
Apr-Jun 201710.711.6
Jul-Sep 201711.710.8
Oct-Dec 201711.411.1
Jan-Mar 201811.111.6
Apr-Jun 201810.911.4
Jul-Sep 20189.712
Oct-Dec 201810.512.2

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