How British Workers Took Time Off in 2017

A study was done into how British workers took time off in 2017, the results may surprise you.

BrightHR, One of the leading HR software companies in the UK, collected data regarding the absences of British workers and made some interesting findings.

Most people would assume that Monday would be the most common day for people to book at absence. After a long weekend, it would be understandable that workers would like an extra day in bed to relax, often one or two days is not enough to recover from the weekend’s shenanigans. However, the most common day was Tuesday.

The best excuse for having to take a day off work was three people who suffered from an alien attack, followed by someone who fell down a hole.

When it comes to taking a holiday, most people booked a holiday off in December. This makes perfect sense, as workers would not want to lose the remnants of their holiday allowance. Also, who would want to work around Christmas?

See the infographic below for all the findings of how British workers took absence leave in 2017.

Source: BrightHR

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