Which Utility Bills Do Brits Find The Most Difficult To Pay? [Infographic]

Which Utility Bills Do Brits Find The Most Difficult To Pay?

Temperatures have dropped, days are short and nights are long, and everyone is scurrying around in their thick wooly knits.

Winter has begun and soon it will be in full swing, but that isn’t the biggest worry on people’s minds.

From having to heat up the home, to spending a little longer in the mornings under the warm water of the shower. There’s even a need to switch the lights on earlier, and each of these seasonal home comforts can cause an increase in our utility bills.

On top of other bills including council tax, mobile phone contracts, and broadband, it can all add up. Some British households are struggling to cover them all each month, but which is often left to build up in arrears?

Prepaid mastercard providers, iCount, looked into what households struggle to pay and how it affects their finances and lifestyle in the long run.

View the infographic in full below:

Source: iCount

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