4 Ways To Future-Proof A Bathroom When Renovating For An Investment

Workman renovating bathroom

While you can never be quite sure when a property investment will pay off, you should always give yourself the best chance to get a great ROI when the right moment arrives.

We all want to reduce property investment risks, which is why bathroom renovations should ideally look as great today as they will in five years. Buyers take their bathrooms very seriously, and you’ll want to present a space that’s functional, visually attractive, and unique.

Thankfully, it’s often unnecessary to completely strip down the bathroom and start from scratch; there are several ways to make small and affordable changes that will have a big impact.

Here are a few renovation tips for the bathroom that will appeal to potential buyers and increase your property value for a faster sell.

The Walk-in Shower

The spa look is in right now, and it’s not just a fad. People want bathrooms that feel like a haven where they can escape the stress of daily life for a few hours. Walk-in showers create that spa-like feeling due to the style and practicality. They look quite luxurious, but fortunately they are also not as expensive as they used to be. Walk-in showers are always a talking point for buyers, and they will be doubly impressed if you add a thermostatic mixer, so read up on the benefits here.

Don’t Forget The Floating Vanity

If you’re wanting to wow modern buyers, then a floating vanity will definitely do the trick. It creates an illusion of greater floor space, is visually appealing, and makes cleaning far easier as there are fewer areas for dust and germs to hide. Floating vanities are certainly trending right now, but we can think of no reason why they wouldn’t still be perfect for bathrooms in a decade!

Bathroom, shower room with floating vanity

They look sleek and provide the bathroom will more light and space, so it’s a win-win. You could also consider floating toilets and wall-mounted taps, but avoid anything like LED strip lights or double sinks, as these feel like trends that might not be around in years to come.

Think About The Small Things

Any signs of mould, caulk, or bad grouting will definitely be seen by eagle-eyed buyers looking for any negatives. These sorts of issues need be taken care of before any visits, as they could turn off people who don’t want to fix up anything after buying. Just like these staging tips discuss, check cupboard knobs or pulls, watch for leaking taps, and keep an eye on peeling paint. As for paint colours, neutral options like white or a light blue or green typically have a bigger appeal than colour-of-the-month trends.

Research the current renovation market

Finally, renovations can often fluctuate depending on the area. Some places might prefer luxury fixtures while others may prefer a middle-of-the-road approach to bathroom design. Research your neighbourhood and see what the market is for the current year and any expectations in the near future. You want to be sure that buyers from your area will be okay with the look and feel of every room in the house.

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