Algo Performance Fund Offers Hassle Free Currency Investment

Algo Performance Fund Offers Hassle Free Currency Investment

While it’s well-known that there are a lot of people out there making a fortune by trading the forex markets, it’s also well known that trading the forex markets can be extremely risky.

The potential risk involved has resulted in most investors steering clear of investing in currencies altogether. But what if there was a fund on offer that could allow you to profit from currency investment while controlling the associated risk?

This is exactly the opportunity that the Algo Performance Fund from InvestEdge intends to provide.

What is the Algo Performance Fund?

Algo Performance Fund Offers Hassle Free Currency Investment

The Algo Performance Fund has been created to allow average retail investors to benefit from the potential for profit in the forex markets, without investors having to keep an eye on their money around the clock or needing to take on a large degree of risk.

By employing an automated algorithmic approach which has a proven track record of success, the fund seeks a return of around 7-12% per annum.

The algorithmic approach the fund employs also eliminates the potential for loss which may arise from irrational trading decisions made by humans.

The Fund is a UCITS fund (that means that any investor within the European Union can invest in it), it is regulated by the MFSA and it is also registered with the FCA in the UK, meaning that it is open to investment from the public through any reputable Broker/Platform provider.

Why Diversify with Currencies?

Algo Performance Fund Offers Hassle Free Currency Investment

With the consistent gains we’ve seen in equity markets over recent years having lined the pockets of even the most amateur of investors, you might be wondering whether there is really a need to diversify into currencies at all.

The first thing to note here is that diversification is rarely a bad thing. If you want to see a steady and strong return on your portfolio through good and bad times in equity markets, then it is always a good idea to diversify your investments into various sectors and asset classes.

The next thing to note is that many prominent investors are starting to worry that equity markets are already overvalued, and are therefore due for some kind of correction or pullback.

If these concerns prove to be accurate, now might well be the right time to start moving some of your money out of equities and into other areas.

Who Can Invest?

Algo Performance Fund Offers Hassle Free Currency Investment

Now that you know the potential benefits of diversifying into currency investment through a UCITS Forex Fund, you might be wondering whether the Algo Performance Fund is open to you personally, and if it is, how you can invest in it.

The good news here is that as the fund is a UCITS fund and FCA registered, anyone can invest in it. Advisers can also access the fund through Qrops, Sipps, portfolio bonds and most investment platforms.

So, if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, and you have always wanted to get involved in currencies but have previously been put off by the associated risk, then perhaps the Algo Performance Fund could offer you a low-risk entry point into this potentially lucrative market.

Note: Investments can go down as well as up – Capital at Risk

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