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HealthIQ Helps You Explore Life Insurance Options for Expats

HealthIQ Helps You Explore Life Insurance Options for Expats

Roughly 8.7 million non-military Americans live abroad, according to The Association of American Resident Overseas.

That’s equivalent to the combined populations of some of the United States’ busiest cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Tucson.

While they might be far from home, Americans living overseas have the same needs for protection as the rest of us. You might wonder if these expats can get life insurance.

Do you know when someone moving overseas should purchase a life insurance policy? Are you confident about how specific coverage types impact Americans living abroad?

If you’re planning to move overseas, do you know what your life insurance policy should cover? Do you have loved ones outside of the U.S. that could benefit from your knowledge?

HealthIQ Helps You Explore Life Insurance Options for Expats

HealthIQ’s nine-question quiz on life insurance for those living abroad tests your knowledge of all these topic areas. If you get an answer wrong, don’t worry.

Helpful advice will explain where you went wrong and expand your knowledge. Tuck the information away in your brain, because you never know when you’ll make the move abroad.

For comprehensive life insurance coverage at an affordable price, trust HealthIQ. Its unique mortality model rewards healthy Americans with lower-priced policies — just as auto insurance companies offer the best rates to good drivers.

Read through HealthIQ’s in-depth FAQ page to learn more about these competitive rates. Visit the HealthIQ website to learn more about the life insurance policies that provide the coverage you need… whether you’re living in the United States or not.

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