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Top Tips For Cutting Your Broadband Bill

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Broadband is now an essential expense, up there with water, heating, and electricity.

With news that prices are due to rise by up to 14% this year, now seem like a great time to try to save money.

Thousands of you could be overpaying for your broadband if you haven’t compared and switched or received a better deal from your current provider already.

Prices rise for existing customers all the time. Only by haggling or switching will you get the best deal.

If you have completed the fixed period of your broadband contract, now is the best possible time to save money on your broadband.

How to switch broadband provider

Switching broadband is easy. All you need to do is find out what’s available in your area, compare it with what you have now, and sign up for a new deal.

The provider takes care of everything else.

Here’s how to switch broadband provider:

  1. Assess what you have now and whether you need more or less speed
  2. Use a postcode check to see what deals are available
  3. Compare deals with your current contract
  4. Ask your current provider if they can give you a better deal
  5. Sign up for a new deal or renew your current contract

That’s all there is to it. Start your switch with to find the best cheap broadband deals.

If your current provider can offer a better price, and you want to stay with them, great. 

If they don’t offer a better price, simply sign up with another provider. Very often, there’s not much more for you to do; when you switch to another provider on the same network (going from BT to Sky, for example) then the new provider will take care of the rest. However, if you move to a different network (for example you move from BT to Virgin Media) it’s up to you to cancel the old service.

Renewing your broadband contract

Happy with your provider and don’t want to leave? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Use the postcode check to get a better price with your current provider. Show them what else is out there and give them the opportunity to compete.

Tell them you need more speed and/or a lower bill, and let them make you an offer.

Be nice, be calm, and see what your provider can do for you.

If you’re happy with the offer, accept it. If you’re not, tell them and plan your switch.

FAQs for reducing the cost of your broadband contract

Will I be left without broadband if I switch?

You won’t be left without broadband for long if you switch. There may be a couple of hours where you don’t have internet, but most switches happen without any downtime. If you’re switching between Virgin Media and another provider, you can always have them overlap to avoid going without.

What do I do with my old router?

Ask your old provider what to do with your old router. Some will ask you to send it back to them. They should provide a freepost address or label to help. Other providers will just ask you to recycle it. 

Are there any costs to switching broadband?

A few providers charge a setup fee, but many switches will be free. Leaving your current provider will not usually cost anything if you’re at the end of the contract. But if you switch mid-contract, there will likely be an early cancellation charge. 

Can I keep my landline number when I switch?

Yes, you can keep your landline number when you switch. Your new provider will ask if you want to keep your number when signing up for the new contract. The only exception to this is if you’re signing up for a full fibre broadband contract with no phone service. Then you won’t have a phone number at all.

Will an engineer need to visit when I switch?

It is unlikely an engineer will need to visit when you switch. You may need one if you’re switching to Virgin Media or a full fibre provider and need a new line installed. It might also be necessary if you’re in an old house that doesn’t have a phone line or has an ancient phone line that needs replacing.

How long does a switch take?

A broadband switch typically takes around 14 days from beginning to end. Some providers need a little more time, some less. 

Reducing your broadband bill

Broadband is a very competitive market, and it’s very straightforward to either get more or pay less. Sometimes you’ll even get to do both!

Switching is not as daunting as it seems. Check what’s available in your area, compare the deals and sign up for the one that works best for you.

It’s fast, simple and requires very little effort. You could end up with a much lower bill at the end of it, too!

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