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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Small Businesses

Social media

In 2018, we are finding that the importance of social media is becoming more and more significant.

Social media bridges the relationship between us and brands, no matter how big or small. While big companies have spotted the importance of social media and utilised it to their benefit, many SMEs are still reluctant to build an online following, missing out on the opportunities available for them to build and grow.

Social Media for Businesses

A lot of small businesses have overlooked the importance of creating a digital presence, in this day and age social media marketing plays a crucial role in business strategies. If you are wondering why it is absolutely necessary for it to be implemented to your business too, have a read below for all the benefits it can bring:

Increasing Traffic

If you are looking to generating an influx of traffic to your website, sharing content through social media is the quickest way for you to achieve this. You can share your content on channels like Facebook and Twitter, not only does it create higher exposure for your channels, it will allow your followers to share your content and circulate to a wider audience.

Building Your Online Presence

You can build a brand image for your SME on social media, defining its characteristics and style can attract like-minded users. Unlike TV advertisement, you don’t have to create advertisements at a high cost, social media marketing is not only free to use, it also encourages brands to create unique content to attract and engage with users that relate to your brand.

Unlike big brands, SMEs might not have the resources to promote their brand internationally. However, social media channels will assist small businesses in reaching a wide geographical audience and target a range of audiences including people of different ages, gender, education.

Building Trust and Personality

Customers are more inclined to purchase from brands that they trust and relate to. However, it is not everyday that potential customers can come by your business to see the service or products your provide. Social media is therefore a channel for you to present your work and allow your audience to generate trust to the work you are able to provide. You can do this by adding behind the scene footage and photos, images of completed works or even testimonials from clients.

Market Research

If you believe that social media marketing can only be used for promotional purposes, you might want to think again. Your social media channels can also lend you important insights on your business. Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have built in apps to show you the engagement details to your posts. Not only would you be able to determine who is interacting with your posts, you will also be able to able to find out crucial information like posting times and where your audience might be located.

Getting a head start with your social media marketing plan

With all the benefits with social media marketing, starting your business on its own strategy now will only mean more growth. While it can take some time before you see results, you can embark your company’s social media journey by evaluating which social media platform is best suited to your business and focusing on the specific platforms.

Once you have chosen the right channel for your business’ social media marketing plan, you can start planning and posting content when ready. If you want to take it up a level, professional guidance is available too, feel free to contact digital marketing experts like Click Consult (See:

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