Meetings of The Future: Technology & Software for the Modern Meeting Venue

Meetings of The Future: Technology & Software for the Modern Meeting Venue

We take a look at meeting venue technology of the future, as well as some modern day tools and software that you can use.

Whether you are running a business, meeting venue or serviced office – with technology you can vastly improve how users are able to make use of your space.

In a business, good communication is vital to success. With better technology you can help your employees to communicate quickly, clearly and efficiently. This can help improve your team working abilities and also ultimately help improve you achieve your business goals and profit.

If you run a meeting venue, whether a dedicated meeting venue business, or a meeting venue that is part of a wider office or organisational environment, software and tools are out there that can make your job easier, as well as keep your users happy and satisfied.

Conferencing 2.0: Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

In 2015 we will should two sets of levitating Bluetooth speakers hit the market. The first, see the video below, is the Om/One from OM Audio.

Next on the market is the Mars speaker system from CrazyBaby. The project received three quarters of a million dollars in funding via the crowd funcing site IndieGoGo as of January 2015.

Featuring a levitating speaker disc and docking system, Mars could add a touch of class and style to any meeting room – as well as improving communication with clear, vibration and interference free sound.

Cloud Meeting Venue Software

If you are tasked with running a meeting room venue, whether as a stand-alone business, as part of a bigger organisation, or a hotel or conference venue – here is some software that is almost guaranteed to make your life easier.

Using hosted advanced meeting room booking software such as Meetings Maker, it is possible to almost completely automate the running of meeting room bookings.

Users can go online, check availability, choose services, and even pay for meetings online via the secure online payments system – all without even having to pick up the phone.

HD Video Conferencing

HD Video Conferencing

Image by Citrix Online @ Flickr

In the last few years there have been an explosion of services offering HD video conferencing software & hardware solutions.

Citrix, Polycom, Vidyo, BlueJeans, Cisco, Skype and Google Hangouts all provide technology that enables HD video conferencing.

It is important not to forget that to enable HD video conferencing fast broadband/high speed internet is required – so the proliferation of fibre optic broadband is definitely having a positive impact, even if the rollout to UK businesses has been very slow so far.

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Main image: adapted from a photo by Centro de Innovación BBVA @ Flickr.

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