Bitcoin: Price And Popularity Hits Plateau in 2015

Bitcoin prices have steadily fallen over the last the last year, dropping to the lowest prices since pre-boom levels, in January 2015.

The market price has been fairly steady in the last few days. See the cart below from

Bitcoin price chart -

This chart from Coindesk shows the decline since pre-boom levels.


Could now be a good time to buy? In the short/medium term it is possible the market could start to rise slightly if it has now bottomed out.

In the long term? It is too hard to tell – we may see the price of bitcoins continue to fall for a little longer.

If you are planning on buying any bitcoins, this site is great for bitcoin trading.

Alternatively, this may be the point from which they start to rise again in popularity.

Looking at Google Trends we see a very steady popularity level worldwide.

You can find the latest bitcoin prices here.

Main image by Jason Benjamin @ Flickr.

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