Dumbfunded - Free blogs

Following on from our page on blogging, here is a list of places where you can get a free blog.


WordPress.com is a great place to get your first blog. The WordPress blogging platform is second to none, making creating a blog incredibly easy and highly customisable.

Your blog will appear on the *.wordpress.com domain.

Once you are used to using WordPress.com – starting to use WordPress on your own domain is a natural step up.


Blogger, Google’s blog network, is a hugely popular blogging network. Your blog will appear on the *.blogspot.com domain.


LiveJournal is good if you want to create a very personal blog, but it is not really suitable for blogging for profit.


The TypePad blogging platform is one of the main rivals to WordPress. Although you can get a free microblog, generally it is a paid platform.

Other free blog providers

Make sure you choose a blogging provider carefully. Although there are hundreds of great free blog providers, some will make changes to your site such as adding their own adverts or try to upgrade you to a paid service.

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