5 Easy Businesses and How to Start Them for a Second Income

The number of people with second incomes has steadily risen since the global financial crisis hit. With more people in part-time employment and registered as self-employed it is little surprise a lot have tried to find alternative methods to supplement their income.

The government has become wise to this fact and are now clamping down on collecting the appropriate taxes with their second incomes campaign. If you’ve got a particular skill or passion then starting up a business on the side can be a fun and financially rewarding opportunity.

Weekend Gardener


For those who work inside all week getting out at the weekend can be incredibly refreshing. So why not make some money doing it? If you enjoy looking after your own garden then working on other people’s for a fee is a great idea. You should already have much of the required equipment but there may be the odd other item that needs purchasing.


There are all sorts of sales businesses you could set up; from selling homemade cakes online in your free time to knitting clothes to sell. The internet provides a great tool for advertising your new business and drawing up interest for free. To keep it more local placing adverts in the local newspaper and parish newsletters will work well too.

Personal Shopping


Some people are busier than ever while others are unable or just don’t want to visit busy shops. Literally fill a gap in the market by using some of your free time to do other people’s shopping for a commissioned fee. Set up an easy to use website where people fill in what they require and when so you can work out a schedule. Offer a phone number too for people less internet savvy.


For those with a love of food setting up a weekend or evening chef service means you get to do what you enjoy and profit. Enlist a few helpers and put out offers to cater for dinner parties, corporate events and maybe even weddings. Undertake the odd course before to brush up on your skills.

Antiques Trader

If you’re someone who loves researching and aiming for a goal then becoming an antiques trader could be worthwhile. Start off by seeking out rare items, buying them and selling on to antiques shops and other dealers. This is a business which will allow you to travel the country and meet numerous interesting people, which can be done solo or as part of a wider team.

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