5 Ways Your Delivery Company Could Affect Your Business

5 Ways Your Delivery Company Could Affect Your Business

Each element of your business will have a direct impact on another part.

It could be straightforward, like your customer service having an impact on repeat customers, or it could be harder to spot.

This is the case with the delivery company and courier service that you hire to undertake some of the most important tasks in your organisation.

If you don’t think they have much of an impact, read on for the five ways that a bad company could affect your business…

You could lose clients

Over the course of your businesses lifetime, how many contracts will be sent around the country? These days, a lot of this will be done online, but many organisations still prefer a hard-copy contract that they can read through, sign and keep on file.

If those contracts end up going missing or getting damaged in transit, naturally this will impact the way that potential clients see you: “If this is how they treat their most important documents, how will they handle my business?”

They could breach your security

5 Ways Your Delivery Company Could Affect Your Business

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Speaking of contracts, those aren’t the only things being sent via mail or courier. Credit card details, confidential documents and so on all contain valuable business information which is strictly confidential.

Therefor hiring an incompetent delivery service could cost you dearly if you face a breach in security. Not only could you lose clients, but thousands of pounds if that information ends up in the wrong hands.

They could impact customer service

There should always be a trustful relationship between you and your courier service, because you rely on them so heavily.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when looking at customer service, as the delivery company can be responsible for your reputation taking a hit.

It could be incorrect delivery times or simply unprofessional couriers who give people a bad experience, but it’s your brand that will get the blame.

They could impact customer satisfaction

If they can have such a strong influence over customer service, couriers will naturally have a knock-on effect for satisfaction.

When customers finally receive their parcels, what if they’re badly damaged, or documentation is missing? What if their parcels have been opened?

All of this will lead the customer to steer clear of you in future, and you may even receive complaints on social media or via email.

They could cost you

Aside from all these points relating to your reputation, let’s not forget the financial side of employing a delivery service.

On the one hand, if their drivers or staff members are lacking in customer service, you may have to pay compensation to customers, or give them a refund if their parcel is damaged.

On the other, if you don’t shop around for a reputable courier who’s well-priced, you could end up paying over the odds for terrible service.

Have you ever had problems with your delivery companies? Let us know about your experiences by leaving a comment below…

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