Businesses & Self Employed: What Could You Do With The £250 You’ll Save From Not Using An Accountant To Do Your Tax Return

Businesses & Self Employed: What Could You Do With The £250 You’ll Save From Not Using An Accountant to do your tax return

Anyone who has to submit a tax return has their hands tied where HMRC is concerned.

Yet those obligations don’t extend to hiring an accountant to fulfil them. Software like SimpleTax makes it easy to submit your Self-Assessment direct to HMRC, saving an average of £250 in accountancy fees. In basic terms, it cuts out the middle man without any hassle.

That means you have an extra wad of cash in your pocket… time to treat yourself, perhaps, for a decision well made?

Let’s see how you could spend that hard-earned money on a pick-me-up.

Upgrade your hobby

Most of us work hard in order to then relax or have fun. Do you dabble with music in your spare time? It’s a great way to unwind, so polish up your instrument with a set of strings, a new amplifier or some pickups and effects pedals.

Or you may be a book collector, or someone who enjoys looking at maps and family histories. In that case, treat yourself to a  writing desk, transforming the place you work best.

Buy a new suit

Businesses & Self Employed: What Could You Do With The £250 You’ll Save From Not Using An Accountant to do your tax return

There’s nothing quite like buttoning up a well cut suit ahead of a business meeting or special event. What we wear imparts confidence to what we think of ourselves – a sharp wardrobe will impress those you meet at conferences, catch-ups and networking events, and make you feel the part.

A romantic night out 

Whether you’re a business owner, contractor, freelancer, landlord, investor or you’re simply enjoying retirement, it’s likely that you have a partner in crime who’s there to support your every decision.

If you’ve got a reason to thank your better half, splash out on those theatre tickets you’ve been eyeing up, or book a fancy restaurant that would normally be out of your price range.

Take a city break

If you’ve got a thirst for adventure, why not use the £250 for a weekend getaway? Many European cities have package deals, in decent hotels, that merely take a few hours’ flight time to reach.

Check out the cobbled streets of Prague, the historic landmarks of Berlin, or Barcelona’s rich architectural heritage.

A spa day and pampering

For the ultimate pat on the back – as well as kneading and soothing – you can’t go wrong with an overnight stay at a spa. Enjoy the luxuriant sensory experience of trained hands on your sore spots, surrounded by calming music, robes and drinks, followed by a dip into a pool.

Spa deals are cropping up continuously, meaning you can really afford to pick the best and doze in the knowledge that you’re fully catered for.

See – Self-Assessment doesn’t have to be a cornerstone of your worries, as long as you are ready to let others do the hard work! SimpleTax relieves your time and your money from undue expenditure, ridding accountants from the equation.

Are you ready for that £250 splash-out on something you honestly deserve, before the January deadline is upon us? choose and never look back…

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