Concept Capital Group – The Start-Up That Housed Over 450 Individuals and Families

Prefabricated Homes

Concept Capital Group is a Buy to Let provider that sells fully managed prefabricated homes, which are utilised to house people across the UK

The UK currently stands amidst a housing crisis where around 1.4 million people are in dire need of secure and stable homes. As house prices rise at an increasing pace and inflation increases living costs massively, this number continues to rise. If you’re wondering where your council tax is utilised, and whether it also contributes to this cause, read our blog on how your council tax is being spent here. 

Concept Capital Group’s alternative Buy to Let investment is designed to alleviate the housing crisis in the UK. Hence, once the Company sells the home to their client, they place a low income or government-assisted tenant/s in the home. The client receives a monthly rental income, the tenant finds a secure and stable home, and CCG keeps a small management fee.

How was the Company founded?

Earlier in 2015, an updated legislation made it necessary for prefabricated home developers to build homes at an increased standard. Following the introduction of the BS3632 Standards, Europe’s largest prefabricated home developer entered the market.

Keeping in mind the lack of affordable homes in the UK alongside the emergence of a prefabricated home provider that builds affordable high-quality homes – Concept Capital entered the market to resolve one of the biggest crises in the UK.

As soon as they obtained the license to act as a buy to let provider for the home, the Company’s operations have been growing at an increasingly fast pace. In the initial 8 months of business, the Company raised over £1.5 Million and housed over 120 individuals and families in lovely homes across the UK.

The companies growing success can be seen through their online Reviews present on Trustpilot, Feefo, and similar platforms.

Is Concept Capital Group FCA Registered & Regulated?

Yes, they are FCA regulated & registered as an IAR for Pegasus Finance. When the Company was still in its early stages, the FCA ran a quick check on the Company & gave them a green signal.

They state that as the company has continued to grow at a fast pace, Concept decided to partner with a finance provider with over 50 years of market expertise. During the process, FCA ran several checks on the Company, ensuring they’re suitable to act as an AIR for Pegasus Finance.

Now their clients can purchase homes through financing by obtaining the best financing options out there through Pegasus Finance. 

How does the company house people?

The Company has access to 112 sites across the UK. When a client purchases a home, they claim that they identify the areas with the highest demand for social or affordable housing. Following that, the home is placed on the nearest site, furnished, and then tenanted.

According to their website, the homes come in 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3-bedroom options so it can fulfil the need for individuals and families. Most of the people housed include old age couples, pregnant women, single women, or individuals who have been involved with domestic abuse.

How many families and individuals has the Company housed so far?

Concept Capital has mentioned across multiple channels that they’ve housed over 450 individuals and families. When the Company initially started, they hadn’t even obtained 1/3rd of that number, which shows how rapidly their impact has grown.

We had a look at the reviews on Trust Pilot, Feefo, and Yell – and there hasn’t been a single negative review from their clients. It appears that the Company has provided what they’ve promised to their clients, despite being in their 3rd year of business only.

Nonetheless, it is evident that they take pride in the transparency and top-notch service they provide to their clients.

Is Concept Capital Group credible?

As a company that has been around for three years now and is located in one of the most central locations of London, they seem quite credible. On top of that, they offer a lot of transparency when discussing their functionality and opportunities.

All clients are offered the option to visit the office or even speak with the consultants on a zoom call. Those interested in purchasing are invited to visit the site their home will be placed. Moreover, the Company also claims to provide buyers with a certificate of ownership following the purchase, also allowing them to reconsider the purchase for up to 7 days (as mentioned in their contract).

However, the company does have a risk statement on their website. We strongly advice all individuals refer to the risk statement and receive independent financial advice before choosing to buy from them. 

How does CCG’s alternative buy to let compare to traditional buy to lets?

The major difference between Concept Capital Group’s Buy to Let opportunity and traditional Buy to Let opportunities is that CCG offers ownership of homes only. The land they place these homes on are accessed through exclusive partnerships. Therefore, the opportunity is unable to offer capital appreciation.

Hence the homes are bought for only £39,999. Meanwhile, Traditional Buy to let’s can cost hundreds of thousands. Similarly, the average rental return on Buy to Lets is 3.63% per annum – meanwhile, CCG is able to offer rental yields of up to 11.1% per annum.

Lastly, social impact! CCG’s opportunity is designed to place low-income, and government-assisted individuals in stable and secure homes. This is also why they can’t allow clients to purchase the home to live in themselves. Meanwhile, you can choose who lives in the homes with a traditional buy to let.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to invest in UK property with limited funds, this could be a great option. You basically park your money for a while and enjoy good returns through a steady passive income.

As per their website, the Company also offers a buy-back incentive where you can buy the home, enjoy a steady passive income, then sell the home back to the Company every 2nd year of the investment term. A lot of the reviews include clients talking about exiting the opportunity at year two.

The Company’s ESG & CSR strategies

As a predominantly ethical business, Concept Capital Group shows a lot of support for social causes. Their website shows support for multiple socially responsible organisations, including The British Red Cross, The Kiyan Prince Foundation, & Brunel University.

They also have an ESG report summarised on their website that shows their commitment to social impact within the Company. It’s nice to see young companies act socially responsible by recycling, reusing, and reducing the use of paper / plastic products.

It’s also noticeable that the Company focuses on digital avenues to market their product rather than on paper.

Final thoughts

Ask yourself a question, out of millions of companies emerging every year – how many are socially impactful? It’s easy to overlook the lack of social impact, but we must appreciate companies that are determined to do good.

Who says social impact and profit can’t go hand in hand? Concept Capital Group is a recognisable example for companies out there. Social entrepreneurship is the road to a brighter, more sustainable, and dependable future for us and our generations.

Over 1 million people in the UK are on waiting lists for social housing; your ethical investment can provide these people with homes.

You can learn more about the Company’s services on its website, and can read their reviews on Feefo & Trust pilot.

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