Getting Financially Fit: Save Money and Shed Pounds

Getting Financially Fit: Save Money and Shed Pounds

Following the recent festivities, chances are you and your funds aren’t in the best of shape this January.

Maybe you indulged in one too many mince pies, or perhaps you really did spoil the kids this year? Either way, if you’re feeling the pinch and are looking to boost your balance whilst dropping a few pounds, then look no further. Here, we’ve outlined a wonderfully simple way to achieve both, helping you put your best foot forward in 2015.

Buying with a broker

Have you ever considered buying financial products, such as life insurance or travel insurance, through a discount broker? Well if not then you’d be forgiven, but when it comes to saving money, they’re a sure bet.

Many consumers see comparison sites as the cheapest option when it comes to purchasing insurance, and that can sometimes be true – they certainly provide a good range of options, all neatly arranged by price. However, be wary when using sites like these as there is always an unavoidable cost bulking up your premium – commission.

For comparison sites, commission makes the world go round. Providers pass on their cut-price deals with the hope that they’ll get enough sales through these sites to make it profitable. Comparison sites then plaster on that extra pound or two to make sure they get their cut, so while they may be offering you what looks like a competitive deal, always remember that they’re taking a percentage of your policy.

Doing it differently

Discount brokers take a different approach. Rather than making you pay that extra bit on top every month, they take a one-off start-up fee for their services, leaving you with a policy that’s slimmed down and a bank balance that’s stacking up.

With the sure savings you’ll make, buying through a discount broker can help get you out of the red and give your money more muscle to go that bit further. The cash you save could then be used to finance something just for you. With discount January joining fees here, there and everywhere, a new gym membership will help guarantee that the only pounds you shed this month are strictly lbs.

Working it out

Life insurance is a prime example of how financial fitness requires a strong core. Just like a good set of abs will help you out when the going gets tough, a good and affordable life insurance policy promotes financial stability, ensuring your loved ones will be able to handle the hard times without you. Some workouts can be more testing than others, but hopefully together you’ll all be set to handle whatever punches life throws.

For many, being able to provide for one’s family is of primary concern, and so it’s easy to see why failure to do so can make the pressure mount up. A number of studies have shown that stress is negatively linked to weight management and general health, due to many factors such as the effect it has on your hormone levels as well as the sleep you lose as a result. Therefore, making sure you and your family are financially stable can really have a positive effect on your stress levels, and subsequently your waistline too!

So there you have it, a simple way which will help you save money and shed pounds. It’s certainly not your standard money-saving tip, but give it a go and kickstart your 2015 today.

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