How Can Self-Storage Benefit Your Business?

Empty Office

The world this 2020 has been transformed, and now, people are trying to get accustomed to the idea of a new normal.

Part of the changes includes the normalcy of studying online and working from home. In August, only 34% of office workers in the UK were found to return to their desk jobs, indicating the slow transition back to the traditional office set-up. 

With work from home quickly becoming a normal aspect of many business operations, it seems as though the percentage of employees returning to work will not change significantly anytime soon. With that, businesses can benefit from renting self-storage to keep inventory, equipment, and other valuable assets without having to maintain an office. 

Decrease damage possibility with emptying the office

When the lockdown began, many business owners were optimistic that it would be lifted soon. Thus, many had left their equipment and assets in the office. While doing so is convenient and likely the easiest option, it doesn’t eliminate the risk of burglary.

Empty Office With Storage Boxes

Since everyone is working from home and you are thus not using the office, there is no one monitoring and securing the place. Regardless of whether the items you left were valuable or not, there is still a risk for theft and damage. Clearing it is a better solution. 

Renting extra space that’s already secure

By renting self-storage, you can better monitor your belongings and reduce the risk of burglary, as mentioned earlier. Reputable storage companies have video surveillance capacities in their warehouses to ensure that your items stay safe while stored in their units.This way, you can have assurance and peace of mind that your equipment and other things are well-protected while in storage.

A budget-friendly expansion

As you grow and scale your business, you will need more space to fit inventory, goods, or even paperwork. For example, if you own a clothing store, you will likely need some space to store old clothing collections as the seasons’ change. Naturally, you do not want to take up too much floor space in your boutique as you want to maximise this for your merchandise and products. Similarly, in storing important documents, you may prefer having a more secure space than simply leaving them in your office. 

Self Storage Units

If you are experiencing these problems or something similar, you can contact a pick-up storage company to collect these items and safely store them in their units. Anytime you need your belongings back, you can call up the company again to deliver the items back to you.

Easily Monitor Your Inventory

Utilising self-storage allows you to monitor your inventory and belongings and keep track of what is currently stored. With that, you can have a clear mind, knowing what exactly you have in your storage units. Just as easy and simple as it was to have your boxes and items collected by the storage company, it is equally easy to have them returned to you. Depending on your circumstances or preferences, you can also have your items delivered back to your office. 

Little to No Contact

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages to renting self-storage today is that the system does not involve much social contact–in fact, it involves almost no contact. Nowadays, social distancing has become a strict protocol for many establishments as it is done to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, minimising contact in any aspect of your operations will be beneficial. 

With self-storage, you do not have to worry as the process requires little to no contact. After calling up the storage company and having your boxes picked up, you do not have to do anything else. If you plan to keep your items stored for a while, it will be a good idea to monitor your units from time to time. However, other than that, you need not do anything that requires much contact. 

Given that office return rates are not expected to pick up shortly, businesses can benefit immensely from utilising self-storage. As you proceed with operations, even while your employees work from home, you will likely need space to accommodate new items and equipment. Storing these things in secure units can promote the organization, prevent problems, and ultimately help you maintain smooth operations.

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